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Why do I have condensation on the inside of my windows?

Sep 22, 2015
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Condensation occurs when moisture in the air comes into contact with window panes that are cooler than your room temperature. Condensation on the inside of windows is a problem many homeowners face at some point. This moisture buildup can be indicative of a humidity or ventilation problem within your home.

On the windows is often the first place homeowners notice condensation, as their glass surface is frequently the lowest temperature point in the interior of the home. If you notice this problem, contact a trusted HVAC professional, who will help you determine why moisture is building up on your windows and provide you with corrective solutions.

Use a dehumidifier

The cause of condensation on the insides of windows is often high humidity levels. Humidity levels in the home should be kept between 30 and 50 percent. If your humidity levels climb higher than this recommended range, your household could benefit from installing a dehumidifier. A dehumidifier works to remove excess moisture from your indoor air, keeping humidity levels in check. Whole home dehumidifiers are available or portable models can be used to target problem areas within the home.

Ventilation solutions

If humidity levels in your home are in balance, yet you still have condensation on your windows, you may be experiencing a ventilation problem. Today’s homes are tightly sealed to retain energy, but this can sometimes cause moisture to become trapped inside as well. Installing a ventilation system can allow moisture to be properly vented from your indoor living spaces, eliminating a condensation problem.

If you currently have a ventilation system in place but are still getting condensation buildup on your windows, your ventilation settings may require adjustment. You may need to decrease the length of recirculation periods so that more fresh air is brought into the home. If you use a heat recovery ventilation system, frequent recirculation could cause moisture to build up in the home. For assistance determining ventilation issues and adjusting your system, contact an HVAC professional.

Climate Control can help you prevent condensation buildup on your windows. Contact us today for dehumidification and ventilation solutions which can solve this problem.

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