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Top 5 Reasons to have a Nest Learning Thermostat Installed In Your Lexington Home

Dec 30, 2018

The seasons change rapidly in Lexington and your heating bill can rise out of control during the long winter months. One of the most cost effective changes you can make in your home is having a learning thermostat installed. A Nest learning thermostat will make life for you and your family much more comfortable and put money back in your pocket. Check out these five reasons to have a Nest learning thermostat installed in your Lexington home today.

Easy to Use

Many programmable thermostats on the market are time consuming and difficult to use. Often times, homeowners inherit their thermostat when they move into a new home or apartment. Missing instructions can further complicate proper use. Almost half of all programmable thermostats are left in the “program” mode and adjusted manually for comfort. The Nest learning thermostat self-programs after learning your habits during the first week of use. Nest learns your comfort patterns and constructs a schedule based on your family’s needs.

Cost Savings

Your thermostat determines half of your energy bill. Heating and cooling costs account for as much as half of your home’s total energy expenses. If you are not using your thermostat properly, you could be losing out on as much as 10-20% savings. Cost savings is by far the biggest advantage to purchasing a Nest learning thermostat. A learning thermostat allows you to set the temperature you desire throughout the day based on whether or not you are home. You can lower your energy usage cost by 5-15% during the winter months by lowering your thermostat by 10-15 degrees for 8 hours per day. A programmable thermostat pays for itself in a matter of a few short months. Contact Climate Control at 859-469-4182 to have a NEST programmable thermostat installed in your Lexington home and enjoy comfort and cost savings.

Lower Energy Use

The best way to combat rising energy bills is to reduce your energy usage. Nest products use sensors to find your phones location and determine if you have left your house. If you have left, then the thermostat has the ability to set itself to an Eco Temperature to save energy. Additionally, Nest provides a Home Report that explains when you use the most energy and offers ideas for saving energy.  This system also displays an encouraging green leaf when energy savings occur.

Remote Access

Nest can be controlled remotely through your phone. Now you can program your thermostat to the desired temperature as you are driving home from work. This is also very beneficial when returning from a business trip or family vacation.


The Nest thermostat will automatically alert you by phone when something is wrong. Low temperatures that can freeze pipes in the winter or furnace malfunctions are immediately sent to you. Nest also allows you to connect your smoke alarms and CO detector to your thermostat. The thermostat will turn off the fan or shut down the heating system for added protection as needed.

Installing a Nest learning thermostat will lower your energy bills and keep your family comfortable year round. Climate Control is a highly respected locally owned and operated company that installs NEST products. Install a NEST thermostat with Climate Control and receive a free smoke detector or carbon monoxide detector today. Keep your family safe and comfortable.

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Dan Detmer
Dan Detmer is the owner of Climate Control Heating & Air Conditioning. Dan was born into the heating and cooling industry, coming from a family of well respected HVAC contractors. After working in the family business, Dan decided to work for a local HVAC wholesale business helping local contractors grow their business. When he felt his heart moving him back into the residential and light commercial business, Dan purchased Climate Control Heating & Air Conditioning based on their strong reputation in the Lexington community.If you have any questions feel free to tweet @HVACClimate and we will get right back with you!
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