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How to tell if your HVAC needs repairs

Oct 6, 2017
How to tell if your HVAC needs repair

How to tell if your HVAC needs repairs

Your home’s heating and cooling systems keep your family comfortable all year round. To prevent a premature breakdown, you need to watch out for signs of repair. Here are some of the things you should notice if your system is on the fritz:

1. AC refuses to give cool air

If you air conditioning system is giving out warm air instead of cold, it’s time to have it repaired. Even if you detect a difference in air quality in the chill, your system might still be struggling to work. One of the most common issues in this case is a malfunctioning compressor or lack of Freon in the unit.

2. Air flow is inconsistent

If your home is not cooling down even when the air conditioning is on full blast, then it might be malfunctioning. The same is the case if some rooms are being cooled while others aren’t. In this case, you should have your air ducts checked out. They might need to be cleaned.

3. You hear strange sounds

A new HVAC system runs soundlessly but that may not be the case when it gets older. If your unit is making strange noises when it runs, it might need repairs. Keep an ear out for bangs and whistles and groans when it is functioning. At least one of the components might need to be either replaced or repaired right away.

4. You smell something strange

If you smell something strange when the unit is on, it can be a cause for concern. If the smell is mildewy or moldy, then there is a good chance your HVAC’s air ducts need to be cleaned out. Not doing so can cause a number of health problems. Never ignore burning smells as this could mean that there is an issue with the wiring. A short-circuit can result in a fire if it’s not fixed in time. Your unit might have overheated as well so before locating the source of the smell, shut it down first.

5. System shuts down unexpectedly

If the air conditioning or heating shuts down without reason, the breaker might need to be seen to. There could also be electrical issues that point to an even more serious issue. Rather than checking yourself, call in the experts to check it out. They will be able to pinpoint the exact cause of the shutdown and make repairs accordingly.

These issues can result in costs and energy bills that can put a serious strain on your finances. To avoid unexplainable leaps in the latter and to ensure your HVAC system runs smoothly year-round, call Climate Control today by dialing 859-469-4182.

They offer 24/7 service for repair and maintenance. The company is family owned and are known for their honest and professional service. Call today for a free estimate of how much those HVAC repairs can cost.

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