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Switching to R410A Refrigerant in Lexington, Kentucky

Aug 29, 2017
410A Refrigerant | Climate Control

For residents in Lexington, Kentucky, and the surrounding areas, understanding the switch from R22 refrigerant to R410A refrigerant offers savings and efficiency.  Properly running air conditioning systems depend on a refrigerant that can utilize energy effectively and boost efficiency while operating.

Big Switch

In 1992, the HVAC industry underwent a massive change in which type of refrigerant was to be used in new systems.  A government mandate initiated the phase out of R22 refrigerant (Freon®), replacing it with R410A refrigerant (Puron®).  R22 refrigerant is not eco-friendly and emits greenhouse gasses into the ozone layer.  As of 2010, R22 refrigerant was completely discontinued in newly manufactured air conditioning systems.

Affects of the Switch for Cincinnati Homeowners

For homeowners in Lexington, there are many reasons to switch to a unit that uses R410A refrigerant.  If you have R22 refrigerant in your current AC unit, you will notice:

  • Higher cost to repair your air conditioner
  • R22 is harder to come by and the price continues to increase in order to use it
  • Not as capable of absorbing and releasing heat, which leads to less energy efficiency
  • More compressor burnouts from overheating
  • Uses mineral oil, which wears the compressor out sooner
  • R401A refrigerant isn’t compatible to use in units that require R22 refrigerant

Benefits of R401A

The benefits of investing in a unit that uses R410A refrigerant are:

  • Eco-friendly since it’s a hydrofluorocarbon (HFC)
  • Able to absorb and release heat more efficiently
  • Reduces energy use in residential homes
  • Since 2015, it’s the new standard in all residential AC systems
  • Operates at a higher pressure and reduces the chances of any cracking
  • Uses a synthetic oil, which reduces breakdown of the compressor

An air conditioning system that uses R410A is better for the environment and better for savings on your energy bill.  If you are ready to make the switch, then call Climate Control today!  Our NATE-certified technicians will install and service your R410A unit with ease.

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