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What Happens When Snow and Ice Get in Your Lexington HVAC System?

Jan 3, 2019
Conditioner covered with snow and ice
It’s winter and my HVAC system is filled with snow and ice! What will happen? If you live in Lexington, Kentucky, this situation is your worst nightmare during winter. It is the beginning of February, and you could still get a lot more snow and cold weather. The last thing you need is your HVAC system to break down.

What most Lexington residents don’t realize is that snow and ice can damage an HVAC system. This is because the furnace is inside your home and you aren’t using AC during the cold months. However, the winter weather can actually harm both your heating and cooling systems.

So how can winter weather affect your heating and cooling systems? Here’s how:

Clogged Pipes

Ice and snow can clog your exhaust pipes. Normally, carbon monoxide is produced during the process of your furnace creating heat. Usually it safely vents through exhaust pipes outside of your home. However during winter, snow and ice can build up and block the exhaust pipe, which can cause deadly carbon monoxide to enter your house.

Clogged pipes and poisonous gas are the last things you need to deal with when it’s freezing outside. This is just one problem that can occur when snow and ice are in your Lexington HVAC system.

Heavy Icicles

Your AC unit sits outdoors, which makes it vulnerable to the weather and other elements. If your HVAC system is placed under a rain gutter or where water accumulates, ice can form. This means that big icicles can also form when it is very cold. This can lead to these heavy icicles breaking off from your gutter or roof and crushing your air conditioner. Yikes! This can easily damage your AC unit, which will become a huge pain when summer comes.

Companies such as Climate Control offer great repair services and new installations if your AC unit is broken during winter. 

Climate Control 859-469-4182
Contact Climate Control at 859-469-4182

Melting Snow and Ice in HVAC system

Our climate is unpredictable. As we’ve seen, it can be freezing and snowy one day, and then 45 degrees the next day. This sudden warming of temperature causes snow to melt and increases water runoff. This runoff can create standing puddles on your AC unit and cause flooding where your furnace is located.  Don’t let this happen!

Contact with water can cause your units to rust and creates severe damage. When temperatures drop again, the water can refreeze and expand. This creates even greater damage. Don’t let snow and ice remain in your HVAC system!

Throughout the next couple of months, if you find out that your heating and cooling systems are damaged due to snow and ice, companies such as Climate Control are available to help you. Certified technicians are trained to pinpoint problems with your system and provide quality repairs. If you are interested in hiring a Climate Control employee to fix your Lexington HVAC system, feel free to checkout their website or contact them directly at 859-469-4182. Don’t wait to fix your snow and ice HVAC unit problems!

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