Paris, Kentucky
Heating, Air Conditioning & Geothermal Experts

Paris home and business owners know they can count on Climate Control for quality HVAC installation, repair, and maintenance. We have been serving the Paris community since 1968. We take pride in every job we do, from installing a new geothermal heating and cooling system to performing seasonal preventative maintenance for air conditioners and furnaces. We also offer a range of indoor air quality solutions to help you eliminate contaminants indoors, leaving you with cleaner, healthier air.

Geothermal Heating and Cooling in Paris, KY

Geothermal heating and cooling systems make it easy for Paris, KY home and business owners to lower heating bills, stay comfortable, and reduce carbon emissions. A geothermal system uses thermal energy held below ground to heat homes and commercial buildings, rather than fossil fuels. This energy plus minimal electricity that is utilized very efficiently makes geothermal systems very affordable to operate, allowing users to cut energy expenses by hundreds each year compared to using conventional heating and cooling equipment.

Climate Control offers superior design and installation of residential and commercial geothermal heating and cooling systems. We will install your geothermal heat pump, ground loop, and other components with expert care to protect them and assist them in functioning to their highest capabilities. We will help you care for your geothermal system for years to come, providing preventative maintenance and repair service as you need it, even if that means overnight, on a holiday, or a weekend!

Our geothermal customers choose Climate Control for our quality service and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We aim to please all of our customers, whether we are completing a new installation project or a small repair. Every job is equally important to us, and we’ll never rest until you’re satisfied.

Heating in Paris, KY

The quality of your heating system will make a big impact on the comfort you feel indoors throughout the winter. When systems begin to fail at the end of their service life, you’ll surely feel it in the form of unsteady temperature control. This is a sign that you should replace your heating system.

Let Climate Control help you find the perfect heating system for your Paris, KY home or business. Furnaces, boilers, hybrid dual fuel heating systems, and packaged heating units are available with various comfort features, efficiency levels, and sizes. We’ll match you with the right heating system for your space and complete an expert installation that will allow your equipment to operate at its best for many years.

Climate Control will help you take care of your heating system every year with preventative maintenance. Our NATE-certified technicians will tune up your system to erase damage done to the system over months of use. Through cleaning, lubrication, inspection, and other factors, we will improve the performance and efficiency of your system. If a malfunction ever occurs, be sure to give us a call for repair service. We have repair technicians available at all hours to assist you in the event of an emergency.

Cooling in Paris, KY

Replacing your cooling system with a new model can provide you with long lasting comfort that is more affordable. Climate Control will install your new air conditioner, heat pump, packaged unit, or ductless air conditioning system using expert techniques to ensure your system will operate properly and keep your Paris home or business cool.

Are you experiencing performance issues when using your residential or commercial air conditioner? If you notice problems such as a lack of cool air, poor air flow, frequent cycling, or longer cycles, it’s time to call in the NATE-certified repair technicians of Climate Control to get to the bottom of your cooling problems. We’ll inspect your entire system to identify any problems which are restricting its ability to keep your home or business comfortable, and perform durable repairs to help put your system back in action sooner. Emergency repair service is available.

Climate Control offers preventative maintenance for all types of cooling systems, which can increase performance, raise efficiency, and extend the life of your system. Each spring, make it a point to contact us and schedule your system tune-up; it’s the best investment you can make toward protecting your air conditioner.


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