Lancaster, Kentucky
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Since 1968, Climate Control has been supplying Lancaster residents and business owners with dependable HVAC installation and repairs. We are committed to improving your indoor comfort by offering efficient and reliable HVAC equipment paired with professional installation and service. For trusted HVAC services in Lancaster, you can count on Climate Control. Let us help you with installation and service for your air conditioner, furnace, geothermal heating and cooling system, and indoor air quality equipment.

Geothermal Heating and Cooling in Lancaster, KY

A geothermal heating and cooling system is a type of HVAC system that utilizes energy found within the Earth to provide space heating, and also uses the ground as a receptacle to store excess heat from indoors to provide cooling. The system’s ground loop component is full of liquid that absorbs energy below ground. The liquid is circulated through the buried ground loop up to the heat pump, which is installed indoors. The heat pump moves heat from the ground loop to the indoor spaces to heat them; to cool them, the heat pump moves heat from the indoor spaces, into the ground loop where it is left below ground.

Climate Control installs and services residential and commercial geothermal heating and cooling systems in Lancaster, KY. Our NATE-certified geothermal technicians aim to assist our customers by designing efficient systems and performing perfect installation for all the components needed in a system. With a properly installed geothermal system, you’ll benefit from steady temperatures and lower energy expenses.

Call Climate Control whenever your geothermal system needs repairs or maintenance. We encourage our customers to call for service as soon as performance issues begin, so that we may correct them before extensive damage is caused. We’d also like to see you on a regular basis for preventative system maintenance!

Heating in Lancaster, KY

Lancaster homes and businesses can reach dangerously low temperatures without proper heating equipment. If your current heating system is failing, let Climate Control set you up with a new, reliable heating system, such as a furnace, boiler, hybrid dual fuel heating system, packaged heating unit, or ductless heating system. Our installation crew ensures your system will be installed correctly, providing you with the performance and equipment protection you deserve.

Maintenance is an important component of heating system care. We encourage you to have your heating unit serviced annually by our NATE-certified team of professional preventative maintenance technicians. We will tune up your equipment and fully inspect your system to identify any problems which could cause damage to the unit or inhibit performance later in the season. This tune-up serves to protect your heating unit from damage, and to boost its performance levels to increase efficiency and limit energy expenses.

Any time your furnace or heating system requires repair, you should call a technician as soon as possible. Professional repairs from the Climate Control team will restore the proper performance of your heating system so that it can heat your home or business correctly.

Cooling in Lancaster, KY

Climate Control has been providing Lancaster home and business owners with quality cooling services since 1968. We have an extensive selection of cooling equipment to select from, such as heat pumps, air conditioners, packaged units, and ductless cooling systems. Our cooling systems are manufactured by industry leading brands which are trusted by the customers we serve. Our technicians are trained directly by the factory to ensure they know exactly how to perform complete installations for the air conditioning systems we offer.

Lancaster residents turn to Climate Control for ongoing care of their cooling systems. An air conditioner needs yearly maintenance to protect it from damage and efficiency losses which can occur over years of use. Our NATE-certified air conditioner maintenance team will tune up essential system components, change filters, and inspect your cooling equipment for minor issues which need to be resolved before major damage is done.

If your cooling system suddenly stops working, or you find it hard to keep your home or business at cool temperatures, you need cooling repair quick. Climate Control offers 24/7 emergency repair service to help you out of problematic situations fast in order to keep you feeling comfortable.


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