Frankfort, Kentucky Heating, Air Conditioning & Geothermal Experts

We have proudly served the Frankfort community since 1968, providing reliable HVAC installation and service along with trustworthy customer service. Our goal is to be an HVAC contractor that Frankfort homeowners and business owners can count on for reliable comfort throughout the year. We provide installation and service for cooling systems such as air conditioners and geothermal systems, as well as for heating systems including heat pumps and furnaces. We also offer efficient indoor air quality solutions such as humidifiers and dehumidifiers.

 Geothermal Heating and Cooling in Frankfort, KY

Are you looking to upgrade your current heating and cooling systems and save money on your utility bills? A geothermal heating and cooling system may be the right solution for you. Residential and commercial geothermal systems are available in Frankfort to keep your indoor spaces comfortable throughout all four seasons, using natural energy paired with minor amounts of electricity to heat and cool your spaces efficiently and lower your energy bills.

Geothermal heating and cooling systems are composed of several pieces of equipment, including a heat pump and a ground loop. The ground loop is a piping system that is installed below ground on your property, and is filled with fluid that is used to absorb energy from the Earth. The fluid is pumped to the system’s heat pump, where it is moved into your living areas for heating. To provide cooling, the system operates backwards, extracting heat from indoor rooms and sending it to be dropped off below ground.

If you’re considering a new geothermal system, call Climate Control. We are happy to assist you by answering your questions and helping you make equipment selections. Our team can install your new system with expert skill and care, to both protect your equipment and provide you with reliable heating and cooling.

 Heating in Frankfort, KY

A new furnace or heating system will keep your Frankfort home or business warm throughout the winter season. Let Climate Control help you find a new heating system that can efficiently meet your family or business’s heating demand; our selection of heating systems include furnaces, boilers, hybrid heating systems, ductless heating systems, and packaged heating systems. We will install all equipment in accordance with the specifications laid out by the equipment manufacturer to protect your system and provide you with the expected performance.

Climate Control is available around the clock for emergency heating repairs. You can contact us anytime and we will dispatch a NATE-certified repair technician to your home or business to diagnose your system and perform skilled repairs quickly. Our goal is to repair your heating problems before they cause you too much discomfort!

We also offer preventative maintenance for all types of heating systems. Maintenance is essential for reducing breakdowns, improving energy efficiency, and extending the life of the system. To simplify the process for you, we offer residential and commercial heating maintenance agreements. We urge you to make heating maintenance a priority every fall; call us at the beginning of the season to schedule your visit with a professional maintenance technician.

 Cooling in Frankfort, KY

When it comes to the comfort of your Frankfort home or business, never settle for second best. Climate Control has been a leading cooling service provider in the area since 1968. We offer our customers a number of cooling solutions; within our wide selection, you are sure to find a cooling system that will meet your demand while operating efficiently. We provide effective, lasting installations for air conditioners, heat pumps, packaged air conditioners, and ductless cooling systems.

Climate Control’s emergency cooling repair service can be called upon any time, day or night, to repair your air conditioner as soon as you detect a problem. Putting off cooling repairs can cause expensive damage to your system, so do not delay in calling us when system performance begins to decline. Our NATE-certified repair team has the knowledge and skills necessary to perform complete repairs to all types of cooling systems.

Our cooling maintenance services will help your system function at its highest levels each season, giving you reliable cooling and humidity control. Turn to our trusted technicians for a thorough maintenance inspection and tune-up each spring. Sign up for a maintenance agreement so you’ll never forget to schedule your visit each year!

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