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Mistakes That May Void Your Lexington Air Conditioner Warranty

Jul 12, 2016
Avoid These HVAC System Warranty Voiding Actions | Climate Control
When purchasing a new air conditioner, Lexington home and business owners consider the warranties available and included with a new unit, among other factors. Strong warranties can save owners a great deal of money over the course of an air conditioner’s service life, providing many necessary system fixes at no out-of-pocket cost – as long as the conditions of the warranty have been upheld by the owner.

Warranty coverage typically is dependent on the system owner following certain rules, which are outlined in the warranty terms. Here are a few mistakes which could prevent you from utilizing your air conditioner warranty when you need repairs.

Mistake 1: Never registering the warranty

Your air conditioner warranty provider may require you to register your equipment with them upon purchasing the new system or an additional extended warranty. Often, it must be done within a certain period following purchase. Failing to do so may mean your warranty is never valid.

Mistake 2: Incorrect air conditioner installation

To protect the integrity of its components and provide expected performance levels, a new air conditioner must be installed to the manufacturer’s specifications; if not, system damage and other issues may arise due to incorrect installation. In addition to these issues, incorrect installation likely voids your warranty. Prevent incorrect installation by working with a licensed HVAC contractor who employs NATE-certified air conditioning technicians.

Mistake 3: Skipping seasonal maintenance

Seasonal air conditioner maintenance provides a wide range of benefits; in many cases, one important benefit is compliance with your system warranty! If your warranty provider stipulates you must have professional air conditioner maintenance performed annually and you decide to skip it, they may deem system damage a result of your negligence, rather than an issue covered under the warranty. To prevent this issue, always schedule a spring air conditioner tune-up and save your service receipts.

Mistake 4: Unauthorized repairs and replacement parts

Your air conditioner warranty may require that all system repairs be made by a qualified HVAC contractor. If you choose an unlicensed contractor or attempt a DIY job, you may void your warranty coverage. Using replacement parts made by a different manufacturer may also go against your warranty terms.

Make the most of your air conditioner warranty by making sure not to violate its terms – working with a qualified HVAC contractor for installation, maintenance, and repairs will help ensure you are holding up your end of the deal. Call Climate Control today for the services you need to protect your air conditioner’s performance and its warranty.

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