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Lexington Boiler Repair & Replacement

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What is a Boiler?

A boiler is a type of heating system that creates hot water which is used to heat the indoor spaces of a home or building. Water is heated in the system’s tank, and the heat is distributed through a network of piping to radiant floor heaters, baseboard heaters, or radiators in rooms throughout the home or building.

These systems are commonly used in industrial and large commercial operations, though residential models are available for home use. Boilers are efficient and provide reliable heating for Lexington homes and businesses. Boiler systems do not spread contaminants as forced air systems do, which will benefit your indoor air quality.

Boiler Repair in Lexington, KY

If your Lexington boiler suffers performance issues which affect your indoor comfort, it’s time to call for repair. Problems such as water leaks, lack of heat, kettling, and pump malfunctions require technical expertise to resolve. Contact the NATE-certified boiler repair technicians at Climate Control for reliable repair of your boiler heating system.

Because boiler problems are never convenient, we are committed to providing speedy repair service. Our team is available day or night to address your boiler’s performance problems as they occur. We will thoroughly evaluate your boiler in order to identify all the issues affecting it, and provide you with effective solutions which will restore your comfort.

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Boiler Replacement in Lexington, KY

Aging boilers don’t offer the efficiency and comfort control as newer models. Upgrading to a new boiler can lower your operation costs and provide you with reliable, even heating throughout your home or business. Our boiler installation specialists will be happy to meet with you; we’ll listen to your needs and help you choose a boiler system that is right for the space and people it will serve.

Climate Control’s NATE-certified boiler installation team guarantees your boiler will be installed correctly, which will protect the integrity of the system and allow it to operate as expected. We also offer maintenance services to help you care for your boiler year after year, and improve the service life of the system.

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