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Is Your Lexington Air Conditioner Not Doing the Job?

Jun 15, 2017
Air Conditioning Repair Lexington | Climate Control

The swelter of summer has hit Lexington.  Is your home not staying perfectly chilled?  Here are some reasons your air conditioner might not be working properly.


Dirt in two areas of your air conditioner could be causing problems.  First, the coils – your air conditioner has a set of indoor coils and a set of outdoor coils.  If either set of coils has a layer of dirt on it, it becomes less likely that the heat is transferring between them and the air that’s blown over them won’t get chilled.

A dirty air filter could also be the culprit, restricting the amount of air blowing over the evaporator coils.  If the air conditioner can’t suck all of the warm air from your home, it can’t be cooled.


What actually moves the heat from inside your home to the outside condenser unit is the refrigerant flowing through the coils.  If the system has a leak, there isn’t enough refrigerant to do the job.  The unit can run all day, but won’t be cooling your home.


If your outdoor condenser unit is blocked by plants, bushes or other items, it can’t take in enough air to release heat from the condenser coils.  This can leave you with a home that isn’t being cooled.

Improper Settings

Check the settings on your thermostat.  If the fan is set to “On”, the air handler will blow air even when your system isn’t in a cooling cycle.  This could be blowing hot air into your home.  In the summer, make sure to set this to “Auto” to avoid that problem.  Also, in the event of no cooling happening at all, check that the system hasn’t been accidentally switched to “Heat” mode instead of “Cool”.


Finally, as the air conditioning unit reaches the end of its useful operating life, it will start performing poorly compared to how it used to.  Check the age of your unit, and consider replacement if it’s getting close to the end of its lifecycle.


An annual tune-up can help you prevent most of these problems.  All of the technicians here at Climate Control of Lexington can inspect your system and perform any cleaning necessary to keep it running efficiently.  Doing regular maintenance can even extend the operating life of your system.

If you’ve noticed your air conditioner isn’t keeping your home cool, contact Climate Control today to schedule a tune-up.

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