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Keeping Cool with a Lexington Heat Pump

Jun 13, 2017
Lexington Heat Pump Installation | Climate Control

Did you know that using a heat pump during the Lexington summer can save you money on cooling, and year-round?  Here are some answers to common questions homeowners have about having a heat pump installed.

How Does a Heat Pump Cool My Home?

A heat pump might sound like something you would only use in the winter, but it’s actually part of an efficient system to save you money even in the warmer months.  Instead of generating heat in the winter, a heat pump actually moves warm air between areas as needed.  To do this, it typically uses a two-part system: an outside unit that functions much like a traditional air conditioner, and an inside unit called an air handler.

So how does it work?  Even in the cool outside air in the winter, there is heat energy.  A heat pump extracts the heat from that air and moves it into your home.  In the summer, the reverse happens – the air handler pulls the warm air from your home and pushes it outside.

 Changing Seasons

In cooler months, a heat pump can reduce your electric usage by up to 50% over standard furnaces and baseboard heaters, according to  In summer months, electricity usage is comparable to a central air conditioner.  Because of Lexington’s mild climate for most of the year, customers in this area could likely see a 30-40% savings in utility bills with a heat pump versus a traditional electric resistance system.

Why Summer?

A heat pump can keep your house perfectly chilled in the summer.  In fact, high-efficiency heat pumps dehumidify better than standard central air conditioners.  This means less energy usage, and more cooling comfort for your family.

How to Take Advantage

Make sure to consult a knowledgeable HVAC professional who will take into account the size of your home and air duct system when selecting the right unit.  Once proper installation has been done, plan for a yearly inspection and cleaning to keep your system running efficiently just as you would with a traditional one.

Climate Control’s NATE-certified heat pump experts have the experience to help you select and install a heat pump system that will save money throughout the year.  Call us today!

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