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How Can a Media Air Cleaner Help to Keep the Air Quality in your Home

Dec 16, 2018

Clean air is essential to our health. However, due to unceasing pollution and constant degradation these days, it doesn’t seem like clean air can be found anywhere. Even our safe havens, our houses, are filled with tiny invisible micro particles that can create health issues or aggravate already existing ones. This is the reason why media air cleaners are a great investment.

What Is A Media Air Cleaner?

Media air cleaners are specialized and highly effective air filters which can trap tiny invisible air particles, including dander, pollen, mold and dust. Installed on a returned duct line, a media air cleaner prevents small contaminants from entering our home.

A media air cleaner is 40 times more effective than a traditional air filter. So, if you have people with compromised immune systems, a media air cleaner is the best choice for them.

How Do Media Air Cleaners Work?

A standard air filter is much smaller than a media air cleaner. Conventional air filters are just an inch thick but media cleaners are typically 4-5 inches thick. Increased thickness comprises a greater surface area in the folds of the filter and permits better filtration of the air. Some people have reported that they have less allergies and asthma attacks after they installed media air cleaners in their homes.

Benefits of a Media Air Cleaner

Here are some of the ways a media air cleaner not only improves air quality in your homes but  is also light on your pocket.

10 Times More Effective: A media air cleaner provides 10 times more filtering media than a traditional 1-inch thick air filter.

Flexible: These media air cleaners can be fitted in return air ducts or plenums, air handlers of furnaces, whether they are fueled by gas, oil or electricity.

Captures Invisible Particulates: As air flows through the cleaner, it traps tiny particles as small as 0.1 micron. If you want to understand how miniscule a micron is, the average thickness of a human hair is between 30 to 100 microns!

Captures Pathogens: A media air cleaner can capture up to 98 percent of air-borne particles.  These particles also contain bacteria, mold spores and even viruses, which can cause dangerous and even deadly diseases in humans.

High Efficiency/ Low Cost: A media air cleaner contains enough air filtering capacity to last for several months without clogging up, preventing air flow or putting a strain on the air handler. Low air resistance means low energy loss and high efficiency. That means low electricity bills. Regular air filters need to be replaced every 1-3 months but media air cleaners can be replaced just once in 1 or 2 years, depending on your HVAC use.

Should You Get A Media Air Cleaner?

People who have used media air cleaner report they can breathe more easily, have less allergy attacks and become less sick. This is because of the effective air flow and lack of pathogens in the air that enters your living space. People who should definitely consider using media air cleaners are those with weak immune systems or who are prone to allergies, pregnant mothers or those who have babies or children, people who live near high industrial areas, busy roads, forests and volcanoes — or anyone who wants to live a healthy life, safe from external contaminants and pathogens. Contact Climate Control today to answer all of your questions about media air cleaners,


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