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Furnace Service for Your Lexington Business or Home

Mar 27, 2018
Lexington's Trane Furnace Repair | Climate Control

Although Spring is here and you will soon be feeling the affects of Summer and likely  using your air conditioner a while longer, it’s never early or late enough to check on your furnace. Make sure your furnace is ready to meet your heating demands. Do this, by scheduling a preventative maintenance visit before heating season begins or ends. Please read on to find out about furnace services for your Lexington business or home.

Schedule Furnace Maintenance Now

It’s a smart idea to schedule your furnace maintenance visit before the first cold day of the fall season. The last thing you want is a broken down heating system when you’re ready to use it. Let’s face it, even though it’s Spring the cold weather is still here. Also, when Climate Control Corp furnace technicians perform annual preventative maintenance for your system ahead of heating season, they’ll be able to identify and fix any issues which could cause your system not to function properly when you are ready to heat your home or commercial building.

If you wait for maintenance and find your system is malfunctioning later this fall you are in trouble.  You may suffer some brief indoor discomfort until our technicians arrive to take care of the problem.

Benefits of Furnace Maintenance

In addition to catching system malfunctions, preventative furnace maintenance offers a number of benefits for your heating system. These would be considered furnace services for your Lexington business or home.

  • Better heating performance. We’ll give your system a thorough checkup – we clean system components, tighten connections, and lubricate bearings so your furnace will function at optimal performance levels when it comes time to use it this fall.
  • Increased energy efficiency. When your furnace is tuned-up and capable of performing at its best, it will also be more efficient. Without performance issues plaguing the furnace, it will use less energy to provide the heat you need compared to if it hadn’t been professionally maintained.

Call the pros at Climate Control Corp today to schedule a thorough furnace maintenance tune-up. Stay on top of seasonal preventative maintenance and improve system performance year-round by signing up for a maintenance agreement today!

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Dan Detmer
Dan Detmer is the owner of Climate Control Heating & Air Conditioning. Dan was born into the heating and cooling industry, coming from a family of well respected HVAC contractors. After working in the family business, Dan decided to work for a local HVAC wholesale business helping local contractors grow their business. When he felt his heart moving him back into the residential and light commercial business, Dan purchased Climate Control Heating & Air Conditioning based on their strong reputation in the Lexington community.If you have any questions feel free to tweet @HVACClimate and we will get right back with you!
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