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Faulty Furnace Installations Can Be Dangerous

Dec 17, 2015
Faulty Furnaces Can Release Carbon Monoxide Into The Home
When purchasing a new furnace, home and business owners look to the equipment’s specifications as an indicator of the performance they can expect from the system. What they don’t realize is that the quality of the installation will largely impact the system’s ability to perform as anticipated. Choosing a skilled HVAC contractor to perform the installation is just as important as choosing a new furnace that meets your comfort needs.

Dangers of faulty furnace installation

A faulty furnace installation will affect the performance and safety of your new system. Issues include:

Low efficiency: In order to perform at the stated efficiency levels, your new furnace must be installed properly. When installation is botched, those issues lead to performance problems which cause the system to consume more energy. High efficiency is a selling point which customers pay a premium for; your investment will be wasted and end up costing you a lot more if your new furnace isn’t installed correctly.
Gas and carbon monoxide leaks: A faulty installation can be deadly. It is critical that your installer know how to properly vent your new equipment and to determine the system’s compatibility with your existing flue pipe, allowing carbon monoxide to exit the home safely. The new furnace must be properly connected to natural gas lines in order to prevent gas leaks.

Protect yourself from faulty furnace installation

To protect yourself against the possibility of a problematic furnace installation, always choose a well-qualified HVAC contractor to perform the work. Your HVAC technician should have experience working with the type of system and equipment model you have chosen. Choosing a NATE-certified technician will increase the likelihood that your furnace installation will be performed properly.

Climate Control is dedicated to keeping every customer safe and comfortable by providing professional installation for every new furnace. Our technicians are NATE-certified and have undergone thorough training to provide the skills necessary to perform quality installation on every project.

For quality furnace installation in Lexington, contact Climate Control today.

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