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Energy Efficiency and Improved Lexington Indoor Air Quality with Energy Recovery Ventilators

Aug 25, 2016
Lexington's Energy Recovery Ventilator Experts | Climate Control

These days, Lexington homes and businesses suffer from inadequate ventilation. We tend to seal structures in the name of energy efficiency – while homes and commercial buildings retain heating and cooling energy this way, they lose the benefit of the fresh air which seeps into a structure through gaps and openings.

No one wants to keep their windows open this time of year for natural ventilation – for one, all that money you spend cooling your home or commercial building is thrown right out that window! And, all that hot air from outside will come in, heating you up. Luckily, there’s a smart solution which solves these issues: energy recovery ventilators.

What Does an Energy Recovery Ventilator Do?

Energy recovery ventilators (ERVs) work to move fresh air from outside to the interior areas of your home or building while forcing out stale, polluted indoor air, just as other types of ventilators do. The difference is that an ERV has a heat exchanger, which absorbs energy from the outgoing air. The ERV uses that energy to pretreat the outside air it is bringing into your home; this time of year, it’s working to cool and reduce humidity, while in the winter, it’ll heat incoming air.

What Will an ERV Do for Me?

ERVs offer many benefits, such as:

  • Year-round use: ERVs can be used all year to supply fresh air, no matter the outdoor temperature.
  • Energy efficiency: By reusing energy from the already conditioned air exiting your structure, your cooling or heating system won’t have to waste energy conditioning fresh air from scratch; it will have already been pretreated.
  • Improved indoor air quality: Indoor air is several times more contaminated than outdoor air due to poor ventilation, and holds higher levels of many common contaminants that affect one’s health. Ventilating your home or business with an ERV works to reduces allergies and other health issues.

Don’t suffer from poor ventilation this summer just because it’s not practical to open the windows – an energy recovery ventilator will allow you to enjoy fresh air indoors without wasting energy. Climate Control serves residential and commercial customers in and around Lexington, KY – call us today to schedule an estimate.

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