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Create More Comfortable Living Areas in Your Lexington Home

Dec 8, 2016
Indoor Comfort Specialists | Climate Control

After being outdoors in chilly, snowy winter conditions, there’s probably nothing you want more than cozy, warm interiors to relax in. Creating a comfortable spot to relax in this winter takes more than just turning on a heater – you need to stop discomfort before it reaches your living areas, and make the most of the heating produced by your furnace! These tips will help you maximize indoor comfort this winter.

Stop cold air infiltration

Cold air can infiltrate your home or business through air leaks in many locations. A cold draft can blast you with icy winter air when you least expect it, ruining your warmth! To eliminate cold air infiltration, you’ll need to seal air leaks around the building:

  • Replace damaged or worn weather stripping around doors
  • Fill gaps around window frames with caulk
  • Call your HVAC pro to inspect your duct system and seal duct leaks

Replenish moisture in the air

Excessively dry air can occur during the winter months, due to natural dryness and furnace use. When exposed to dry air constantly indoors, you’ll be plagued with uncomfortable dry skin and lips, which can lead to painful cracks. The static electricity resulting from dry air is quite uncomfortable when you get a shock every time you touch something or someone, and when your hair stands on end all day!

Beat dry air by adding moisture via humidifier. Your humidifier will add back the moisture missing from the air supply, keeping humidity levels comfortably balanced. Some people use room humidifiers to target just a small area, but a whole home humidifier will correct moisture problems throughout the entire home or office.

Keep yourself surrounded by heat

You know warm air rises, right? When you heat your home or business space in the winter, much of the warmth produce rises to the ceiling – since you’re likely not sitting at ceiling level, your body isn’t accessing that warmth.

Your ceiling fans are the perfect tool to push that moisture stuck at the ceiling back down to the bodies below. Adjust the fan blades to spin counterclockwise, pushing air down below where you’ll benefit from its warmth. This is a much better alternative than cranking up the heat, which wastes more warmth and energy.

If your Lexington home or business is feeling uncomfortable, call Climate Control for assistance. We’ll ensure your heating system is operating optimally, perform any needed repairs, and show you how to improve comfort throughout all living areas.

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