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Choose an Ultraviolet Air Purifier for Your Lexington Home or Business

Feb 23, 2017
Ultraviolet Air Purifiers Within Homes | Climate Control

The air inside a home or building can be up to 5 times more contaminated than outdoor air, which poses a great risk to your family’s or public health. There are various air purification systems on the market – how do you know which to choose? Climate Control’s professional recommendation is an ultraviolet air purification system.

Our PCO ultraviolet air purification systems are well-suited for all homes and businesses. PCO ultraviolet air purifiers use activated carbon and photocatalytic oxidation to eliminate contaminants from the air you breathe indoors. UV air purifiers sit within your HVAC system, treating air as it circulates. Titanium dioxide reacts with the system’s activated carbon, neutralizing contaminants to leave behind only water vapor and harmless carbon dioxide.

PCO ultraviolet air purifiers are a smart choice for Lexington homes and businesses – here’s why:

  • Compatible with any central HVAC system. HVAC system design and installation varies greatly, which can be a problem when trying to find an air purifier that’s compatible. PCO ultraviolet lights are a universal fit for all systems, making it possible to have cleaner air no matter which central heating or cooling system is installed.
  • Superior air purification. PCO ultraviolet air purifiers use a process that’s unmatched by other systems. Activated carbon and photocatalytic oxidation produce highly efficient air purification, which has been lab tested and verified!
  • Better respiratory health. The PCO system targets airborne contaminants which contribute to respiratory health issues. With these contaminants out of your air supply, your family, your employees, and anyone who frequents your building will benefit from better respiratory health and improved quality of life.
  • Odor control. Indoor contaminants are not only harmful to your health, but they can create bothersome odors. PCO ultraviolet lights neutralize odors indoors, caused by sources such as pets, cooking, and chemicals.

Ready to improve your health and comfort? Climate Control will set you up with the ultraviolet air purifier that’s right for your home or business – contact us for more information.

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