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Ways to Lower Heating Bills In Lexington

Heating & Cooling


Lexington homeowners are becoming more and more conscious of their energy use, and are seeking ways to limit it. Whether your motives are environmental or financial, below are some tips to help you conserve heating energy this winter, which will lower your heating bills.

1. Always use clean furnace filters

Operating your furnace using a dirty filter inhibits system performance by restricting air flow. Your system will consume more energy when filters are dirty. Always change your furnace filter on the schedule recommended by the filter manufacturer. It’s also a wise idea to take a look at your filter once a month during the winter, to see if a more frequent change is in order; during periods of heavy system use, you may find it’s warranted.

2. Lower your thermostat

Many homeowners resist turning down the thermostat to save energy because they don’t want to be uncomfortable. While you’ll definitely notice a difference of ten degrees, you may find you’re perfectly comfortable with the temperature set back only three or four degrees. Start lowering your temperature a degree at a time to find where you can stay comfortable while cutting your heating energy use.

3. Maintain balanced humidity

Winter air is notoriously dry, which makes it feel colder, causing you to up the temperature in your home when you really should be upping the moisture. During the winter months, use a humidifier to keep your home’s humidity levels between 35 and 50 percent. More moisture in the air will keep you feeling warmer; you may even be able to set your thermostat back another degree or two without affecting your comfort. Humidifiers offer efficient humidity control for your indoor spaces; models are available that work with your heating system to serve your entire home.

If you’re a Lexington homeowner looking for ways to save on your heating costs this winter, turn to Climate Control for practical, efficient HVAC solutions which will keep you warmer without busting your budget. Contact us today to learn more.

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