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Variable Speed Furnaces for Lexington Homes

Heating & Cooling

When it comes to heating systems, there are many choices available for use in Lexington homes. Among them are variable speed furnaces, which are becoming very popular due to their quiet operation and energy efficiency. Learn more about variable speed furnaces and the benefits they offer below.

Variable Speed Furnace Basics

Variable speed furnaces utilize an electronically-commutated motor (ECM), which can automatically adjust its operating speed according to heating demand. Variable speed furnaces sense the amount of heat needed; if only a few degrees is required, the system will run the motor at a lower speed. When more heat is required, the motor will run at a higher speed. Airflow through the furnace blower can also be detected and the motor speed can be adjusted to compensate for restrictions.

Benefits Offered by Variable Speed Furnaces

Energy savings. Because the motor speed can adjust to a lower speed rather than operating at top speeds always, it uses far less energy than a standard furnace motor.

Improved comfort. Lower operating speeds allow the system to distribute heat more evenly throughout the home than furnaces which operate at top speed only. This will help your indoor spaces stay more comfortable and keep temperatures even throughout the home.

Less operating noise. Variable speed furnaces begin and finish heating cycles slowly, resulting in quieter operation.

Improved air quality. When variable speed furnaces operate at slower speeds, they are able to remove more pollutants from the air compared to systems that operate only at higher speeds. This results in improved air quality, which can greatly benefit family members who suffer from allergies.

Longer lasting equipment. Furnaces with variable speed motors do not ensure the higher amount of stress or wear and tear that higher speed furnaces do, because they do not start as frequently. Less stress and wear allows the system to stay in service longer than alternative furnaces.

If you’re interested in learning more about a variable speed furnace for your Lexington home, give Climate Control a call. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and provide you with a quote for equipment and installation.

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