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The Right Time: 4 Signs Its Time to Upgrade Your Electric Panel


That dim or off-white electrical board in your home may not appear like one. But it’s an important part of your home which is in charge of making the home comfortable by transporting power/electricity. Below are signs its time to upgrade your electrical panel.

Tailing, we’ll address the most common signs that show you may require an electric panel revamp.

1. You Choose to Live in an Old Property

Because of their antique feel and coziness, numerous homeowners prefer buying or living in old properties. No matter how well you have refurbished the old property to make it livable. You might need to upgrade your electric panel often.

Quite a long time ago, we could get the greater part of the energy we required from a solitary 60-amp electrical board. Notwithstanding, today, 60 amps won’t take care of home. Which means you have to move up to a 100-amp, or 200-amp form. And also included a specific end goal to increase the efficiency of your electric appliances and keep them in a good shape. This is a sign its time to upgrade your electrical panel.

In case you’re uncertain how old your current electrical board is, you need to contact a professional provider. We recommend Climate Control Corp in Lexington, Kentucky.

2. You Are Always Utilizing Extension Cords

Electrical cords are typically present in most homes. Yet they’re not generally as protected and helpful as you may think. Truth be told, extension cords are usually meant for brief usage.

Other than exposing you to tripping hazard, electrical wires are generally kept in or against dividers. For this reason, a secured arrangement of wiring prompts is less damage. Those wires left scattered over your floor can get short, crimped, or squeezed, ultimately prompting faulty outlets, stumbled breakers, or even fire.

In case you’re continually swinging to your cords, it’s a great opportunity to update your electric panel and introduce a couple of more outlets. This is another sign its time to upgrade your electrical panel!

3. There Are No Circuit Breakers, but Fuses

In the event that your house was constructed at some point before the 1970s. Homes built prior to the 1970’s  might have a wire-based electrical system setup. While the two wires and circuit breakers play out a similar capacity. It’s worthless if the wires are obsolete, and dissimilar to circuit breakers. They don’t trip when they’re over-burdened, melt, blow, or short-out.

Electricians utilized fuse-based systems when the normal home didn’t retain enough power, and overpowering these gadgets today can be expensive and even unsafe sometimes. As a result of a small spark or fire, some insurance agencies even choose not to cover homes that still utilize wires.

4. Your Breakers Are Tripping Often

If circuit breakers are used instead of wires, you should realize that they’re meant to trip when irregularities in power flow are identified. This keeps the framework from overheating and causing a fire risk.

If tripping occurs frequently, it is a certain sign that something isn’t right with your electrical board.

It’s Not Only About Ease..

As imperative as it might be to update your electrical panel to ensure that you’re getting the power your modern appliances need, it is also essential to introduce upgrades for security reasons. All things considered, home electrical issues cause about 51,000 fire incidents every year, which add to around $1.3 billion property damages.

Getting electric panel upgrades isn’t only a smart choice —it’s extremely important.

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