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After Summer Air Conditioning To-Do List

Heating & Cooling


Fall is here, and Lexington home and business owners are getting ready for the cooler weather heading our way. Your fall to-do list is probably filled with tasks such as air sealing and heating system care – but is your air conditioner on that list anywhere? If not, you’d better add it now.

Just because you won’t be using your air conditioning system much longer does not mean it won’t benefit from some post-season care. Add these items to your maintenance to-do list to keep your air conditioner in top shape until next spring.

1. Change your air conditioner filter

Your air conditioner actually shares a filter with your furnace or other heating equipment; even though you won’t be using your air conditioner, you still need to change the system’s filter. During the fall, you won’t be using your heating and cooling systems as much, so you may be able to go longer between filter changes – check the filter once a month to determine if it needs changed.

2. Clear away items and debris

Is the area surrounding your exterior air conditioner unit full of debris, outdoor toys, or patio furniture? These items pose a threat to your air conditioner if left nearby all winter. Debris carry contaminants which can enter the system causing indoor air quality issues, and come spring, the debris could get sucked into the air conditioner, damaging components. Large items can crash into the unit during strong winter winds and harsh storms, damaging the air conditioner. To protect your exterior air conditioner this winter, clear away all items, debris, and vegetation surrounding the unit.

3. Cut nearby limbs

If trees hang over your outdoor air conditioner, clip away limbs and cut branches that could come crashing down on your air conditioner in a snowstorm or when covered in ice. If you can see any dead limbs in the tree, it’s best to remove them now to prevent items below from becoming damaged.

If you still need to schedule fall preventative maintenance for your furnace or heating system, contact Climate Control today. We’ll take care of your heating system and advise you how to best take care of your air conditioner during its seasonal break.

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