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Steps to Stop Air Conditioner Overheating

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Lexington residents rely on their air conditioners all summer to prevent them from overheating – but what are you doing to stop your air conditioner from overheating?

An overheated air conditioner can come about if your cooling system isn’t cared for properly.

Foregoing preventative steps won’t save you money – when doing so results in an overheated cooling system, it can cost you several thousands in replacement dollars, as your system could be rendered useless by the damage.

Make sure air conditioner overheating doesn’t cause you to overheat this summer – these two easy steps will help protect your system:


Regular filter changing
Air conditioner overheating can be caused when airflow is restricted through the system’s components. An air filter clogged with debris will not allow enough air to pass through, causing components to overwork and overheat.

Simply changing your filter on a regular basis will go a long way toward preventing system overheating.

Throughout the year, change your filter according to the timeframe recommended by the filter manufacturer. In the summertime, it may be necessary to change it more often, as the system is used more frequently than during other seasons; make sure your system is never running on a clogged filter by checking it monthly and changing it more often if needed.


Clean and clear your condenser

Your air conditioner’s condenser is the exterior component of the system, which houses a fan, fins, and other vital cooling components. It is exposed to weather elements, yard debris, and even dirt and dust through the cooling process. These contaminants can build up on and inside the condenser, restricting airflow and damaging the components.

Clear off debris from the exterior of the system using a soft bristled brush. Your air conditioner technician can perform coil cleaning and other services to clean the interior of the condenser.

Check your condenser periodically throughout the summer to make sure grass clippings, leaves, and other outdoor debris are not sticking to the unit’s fins.

Also, keep the area surrounding the condenser clear of items and plants. Never store items or plant shrubbery within a two-foot radius of the condenser. Clear away any vegetation or weeds growing up the condenser or in the surrounding area.

If you suspect your air conditioner is not working properly, the NATE-certified air conditioner experts at Climate Control can assist you by performing fast and thorough system repairs. Call us today for a quick diagnosis of your system issues, followed by accurate air conditioner repair service.

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