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Staying Cool in a Hot Lexington Office

Heating & Cooling


Lexington summers can be very hot, leading citizens to seek cool comfort indoors. But what do you do when you’re stuck inside a hot office building all day?

Limiting air conditioner usage is one tactic a business may use to control energy costs, but it comes with some negatives. Not only are workers uncomfortable, studies show workplace productivity falls in an uncomfortable workplace.

These strategies will help you stay cooler while you put in your 40 hours each week this summer.

Drink Enough Water

When your body is dehydrated, it cannot regulate temperature well. Consuming cool or ice water throughout your work day will help your body keep temperatures in check.

Use Curtains or Shades

If your office has an East or West exposure, the direct sunlight adds a lot of heat inside during the day. Use a shade or curtain to cover your window when the sun is shining through to block out that added heat.

Use Minimal Electronics

Offices often have many electronic systems running at once – and they all may not be necessary. Shut down copy machines, printers, faxes, and computers when they’re not in use to prevent them from adding more heat to your space.

Use a Portable Dehumidifier

A muggy office can make it seem like the temperature is much higher than it is – moisture in the air traps heat close to your skin, making your body warmer. Use a portable humidifier in your space to remove moisture, keeping you more comfortable.

Talk to the Boss

Modern workplaces are harnessing the creativity and problem-solving of employees to save money. Talk to your boss about cooling system upgrades that could help your office stay more comfortable while conserving energy. Zoning, programmable thermostats, and high-efficiency cooling systems can be integrated with building automation technology to offer flawless temperature and energy control.

If you are a Lexington business owner or facility manager looking for strategies to cut cooling costs without sacrificing comfort and productivity, call Climate Control. Our commercial cooling services incorporate energy saving technology to create comfortable, controlled indoor environments.

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