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Solving Frozen Condensate Drain Problems in Lexington


While your furnace is housed inside your Lexington home or commercial building, its condensate drain line does run outside. It’s exposed to freezing temperatures and winter weather, which could cause the line to freeze up and become blocked.

Condensation is a byproduct of the combustion process your furnace uses to create heat. It flows out of the system through the condensate drain line, and exits the building or home. A frozen condensate drain line can cause water to back up into the home, as its exit is obstructed.

Fixing frozen condensate drain lines

If your furnace’s condensate drain line is frozen, these tips will help you thaw the line yourself:

  • Fill a hot water bottle with hot water, and place it on the drain line to thaw away any ice on the line’s exterior and inside.
  • You can use hand warming packets or hot pads to thaw the line- wrap them around the exterior of the pipe.
  • Warm water can be poured on the line to thaw ice buildup. Do not use boiling water, as it can damage the line.

Frozen condensate drain line prevention

Preventing your condensate drain line from freezing can be done in two ways:

  • Shorten the drain pipe, cutting the amount of line that is exposed to cold temperatures to lessen its chance of freezing.
  • Insulating the pipe, using weatherproof material to protect the line from exposure to cold temperatures and snow.

Our NATE-certified furnace technicians can perform these fixes for you.

During the winter, you should check your condensate drain line periodically. When it’s snowing, if the level of snow reaches the drain line, snow can cover the drain’s opening, blocking condensation from exiting. Snow covering the drain line can also cause moisture inside to freeze up in the pipes. Carefully remove snow from around the drain pipe to prevent these problems.

If your furnace condensate drain line is freezing up, the NATE-certified furnace technicians at Climate Control can correct this issue, and provide reliable repairs for any furnace issues that are standing in the way of your comfort this winter. Contact us 24/7 for help!

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