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Signs You Need Commercial Heating Repair In Lexington

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Business owners rely on commercial heating systems throughout the winter to keep their buildings safe and comfortable. A faulty heating system can put occupants at risk of carbon monoxide exposure, affect employee productivity, and cause discomfort among staff and customers.

Commercial furnace malfunctions can cause expensive system damage and increase operating costs. In order to avoid these unnecessary expenses, business owners should be on the lookout for signs of system trouble. By calling Climate Control as soon as these issues are detected, you can prevent further system damage and keep utility expenses in check.

Signs indicating commercial heating problems

As you operate your commercial furnace or heating system this winter, watch for the following signs. Should they arise, we urge you to contact us for system diagnosis and repair immediately.

Heating system produces lukewarm air. While cool air is an obvious issue, many business owners overlook when lukewarm air is produced by the heating system. Many assume this is a sign of a temporary issue that will resolve on its own, but that is unlikely. Various problems can cause a commercial heating system to produce lukewarm air rather than warm air; calling for service sooner will allow us to get to the root of the problem faster. •Smells originate from the commercial heating system. Your commercial heating system should never produce odors, aside from a temporary burning smell when the system is first fired up for the season, as accumulated dust burns off. If you or your staff begins to detect odors from the vents as the heating system runs, call for service right away.
Energy bills have increased without cause. Many business owners budget for energy expenses based off the previous year’s numbers for the same period. Unless your system usage has increased or energy costs have risen, you should expect your bills to remain consistent. A sudden spike in energy bills may indicate that your commercial heating system is consuming more energy, which could be caused by a number of system issues. Call for service right away to resolve the issues contributing to efficiency loss and increased energy consumption.

If your commercial heating system has presented any of these troubling symptoms, contact Climate Control of Lexington immediately. We are committed to assisting our Lexington business clients with their heating troubles by providing quick, reliable, and budget-conscious installation, repair, and service.

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