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Should I Replace My Oil or Electric Heating System with a Natural Gas System?

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Heating bills are an expense that can’t be avoided for Lexington families. If you feel like you’re paying a fortune each year to heat your home, the type of heating fuel you’re using could be the problem. If you currently have an oil furnace or electric resistance heating systems, switching to a natural gas system could help you cut your heating costs.

Average heating costs

The U.S. Energy Information Administration has projected heating costs for average homes using various types of heating fuels.

• Homeowners with oil furnaces can expect to spend approximately $1,392 for heating this winter
• Homeowners with electric resistance heating can expect to spend $930 for heating this winter
• Homeowners with natural gas furnaces can expect to spend $578 for heating this winter

The lower cost of natural gas heating fuel is quite attractive to homeowners, compelling many to make the switch from costly heating fuels to affordable natural gas systems.

Additional expenses

Buying a new heating system is a large expense for any household. Switching from oil or electric heating to natural gas can increase the cost of installation if your home is not already fitted with natural gas lines. To run lines from a nearby gas main into your home can cost a few thousand dollars in addition to the cost of installing your new furnace.

Should I replace my system with a natural gas furnace?

If your existing oil furnace or electric resistance heating system is functioning fine, it may not make financial sense to switch to natural gas right now. If your system is older and replacement is on the horizon, consider a natural gas furnace instead of purchasing a new oil or electric model. If your home is already equipped with natural gas lines, upgrading to a natural gas furnace is a smart choice which will help you cut your heating bills by hundreds this winter.

For expert installation of high-quality natural gas heating systems in Lexington, contact Climate Control today.

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