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Is it Time to Replace My Lexington Furnace?

Heating & Cooling

We are in the midst of the cold winter months. Everyone has the heat turned on to keep the old out of the house. Although your heater may be working fine, it is very important to take a look at it if you haven’t had it checked in long time. You should check your furnace and heating systems at least once a year. You don’t want your heating system to fail when it is freezing outdoors. Figuring out if your heating system needs repairs or a replacement is important to prevent this. So how do you know when  time to replace your Lexington furnace?

How to evaluate your heating system to determine if it needs replacement 

One: Old System 

How old is your heating system? Is it 10 years old or older? The majority of heating equipment lasts 10 to 15 years. If your furnace or other parts of your heating system is at or above this average lifespan, you should consider and prepare to invest in a new system. Companies such as Climate Control offer incredible HVAC installations and reliable systems for your home.

Two: No Longer Efficient

HVAC heating systems have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years. Another way to determine if your system needs a replacement is to see how efficient it is. As furnaces, boilers, and other types of heating equipment grow older, they lose their efficiency. This not only causes discomfort inside your house because it is colder and takes longer to heat up, but it also increases your energy bills. Increased energy bills can add up quickly as time goes on, so you are better off replacing the system instead of putting more and more money into one that is old and no longer efficient.

Upgrading to a new heating system that is efficient will keep your heating expenses in line during the winter months. It will also heat up your home faster and keep your home warmer.

Three: Increasing Service Expenses

If you feel like you are pouring more and more money into your system each winter, it is probably time to replace the system completely. Heating systems generally experience more breakdowns and problems when it is nearing the end of its service life. By noticing this, you can stop spending money on a dying system and instead upgrade to a better system. This will help you avoid any repairs and heating problems when it is cold outside.

Do You Need to Replace Your Lexington Furnace?

Throughout the next couple of months, if you find out that your heating system is past its lifespan, is no longer efficient, or has increased service expenses, companies such as Climate Control are available to help you. Certified technicians are trained to pinpoint problems with your system and provide quality repairs. If you are interested in hiring a Climate Control employee to replace your HVAC heating system, feel free to checkout our website. Don’t wait to fix your HVAC unit problems or replace your Lexington furnace!

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