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Is It Time to Replace My Furnace?

Heating & Cooling

Winter is officially over! You can finally turn off your heating system for the next few months and enjoy the warm spring and summer weather. However, when you turn your furnace off, it is important to determine whether it is time to replace it. You do not want to reach the cold winter months and not have any heat in your home. The following are tips to know whether it is time to replace your furnace after the long winter months:

One: How Old is Your Furnace?

The first step to figuring out if it is finally time to replace your furnace is to determine how old it is. Most furnaces work and run for about 15 to 20 years. You do not want a furnace around this age or especially older than this age in your home. If your furnace is now a “senior furnace” it is time to begin looking into and scheduling a replacement.

Two: Poor Heating May Mean You Need to Replace Your Furnace

If your furnace is not providing as much heat as you’d like or are used to, this may be a sign that it needs a replacement. Furnaces generally lose efficiency as the years go by. This is because of wear and tear as well as other factors. Replacing your furnace when the heating is poor may be the only option. Efficiently and effectively heat your entire home again with a new heater.

Three: Yearly Maintenance

You are supposed to have your furnace looked at yearly by a professional. You are also supposed to change your air filter as recommended. If you have maintained your furnace well over the years, it can run longer than expected. However, if the furnace has been an afterthought, it could fail sooner than the expected 15 to 20 years . Make sure to keep up on your furnace’s yearly maintenance requirements to keep it running as long as possible!

Four: Increased Utility Bills

When your furnace begins to become less efficient, your heating bills will increase. If you notice that your heating bills are getting higher and higher during the winter months, it may be time to schedule a furnace checkup. It is much better to pinpoint and fix any issues and even replace your furnace completely instead of pouring money into frequent repairs that do not last long.

Are You Ready to Schedule a Furnace Replacement?

Nobody wants to go into winter with a broken or inefficient furnace. If you are experiencing any of the issues listed and explained above, it may be time to invest in replacing your furnace. Then you won’t have to replace it for another 15 to 20 years if you take good care of it!

If you are ready to install a new furnace into your home that will efficiently and effectively heat your house and keep you and your family warm, companies such as Climate Control offer reliable products and are available to help you. Certified technicians are trained to provide professional and excellent service when installing a new furnace into your home. If you are interested in hiring a Climate Control employee to install or perform any maintenance and repairs, feel free to checkout   our website or contact us directly at 859-469-4182. Don’t wait to ensure that your home will be warm for the winter!

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