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Reasons Why You Should Invest in an HVAC Service Plan

Heating & Cooling

Your HVAC system keeps you comfortable in the bitter cold and the sweltering heat. Purchasing and installing a heating and cooling system is a worthwhile investment that you should protect. That’s why you need to invest in an HVAC service plan with Climate Control.

Here’s what an HVAC maintenance service can do for you.

Minimizing HVAC Repair: Replacing HVAC components can be very expensive, so don’t let your heating and cooling systems get to that point. One reason why you should get an HVAC service plan is that it offers routine tune up of your systems, which can detect minor problems. However, if you do not maintain your heating and cooling systems regularly, these problems may become much worse over time. HVAC professionals can find these issues and fix them quickly. An annual HVAC check-up is extremely important, especially when you want to turn on the system for the first time all year.

Low Energy Bills: HVAC bills account for over 50 percent of your home’s energy bills. When your heating and cooling systems are well-maintained and performing at their optimal, these bills are significantly lower and stable. Well-maintained HVAC systems reduce the risk of energy losses and improve air flow. You can cut down your energy bill by 40% with a regular HVAC plan.

Increased Lifespan: Buying an HVAC system and then installing it can cause you tens of thousands of dollars. This equipment has a life of approximately 10 years. But by not taking proper care of it, natural wear and tear builds up and you can reduce its life significantly. As a result, you will have to buy a new heating and cooling system much sooner than you thought. In contrast, if you have a plan with a professional heating and cooling services provider, you can extend your conditioning systems life by a further 10 years easily.

Discounts: As an HVAC service plan member, you are eligible to get discounts on any diagnostic fees or small repair you need on heating and cooling services. Some HVAC service members are also offered discounted price in replacement parts and in emergency services.

Warranties:  Most heating and cooling systems come with a warranty of usually 10 years. However, this warranty can become invalid if you do not take routine care of your HVAC systems. A professional HVAC company can help you keep your systems in top condition and provide you receipts of every one of your appointments and any work you had done on your HVAC system.

Priority Services: During the busy seasons, it gets hard to schedule an appointment with an HVAC technician. But if you have a service plan, it will give you the priority spot on the list when you call for emergency repairs or maintenance. This means no wait time and a heating and cooling services provider will be available at your home when you want them to.

When it comes to your HVAC systems, being proactive is best. With a service plan, you can kick back and relax, knowing your heating and cooling systems are in the best of conditions and if something unexpected happens, Climate Control is just a call away.

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