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What Does Preventative Maintenance Cover for Your Home’s Unit?

Heating & Cooling

Winter is fast approaching and during the fall is the perfect time to have preventative maintenance performed on you heating unit.  If you are unsure what happens during a routine maintenance call, you will benefit from this maintenance break down. 

Testing With Maintenance

During a preventative maintenance call, there are several things that are tested to check for proper functioning and energy efficiency.  If you run your unit without first testing the electrical components, wiring, and additional essential components, there could be hazardous consequences.  You can expect an HVAC professional to test:

  • The blower access door for a tight seal
  • The thermostat calibration
  • The safety controls, including the high limit control
  • The startup cycle in the system

Gas and oil furnaces require testing on:

  • The burner and flame sensor
  • The manifold gas pressure

Inspecting With Maintenance

Preventative maintenance also covers inspecting or checking different things within your heating unit.  Just like testing, inspecting different components in your system discovers any potential problems that may arise.  A heating specialist will inspect:

  • Your vent system to see if any leaks or blockages are present
  • The blower and the blower components
  • The heat exchanger for corrosion, cracks, or separations
  • Air intake grills for any blockages
  • The burner for proper ignition
  • All electrical connections for tight seals
  • All wiring for corrosion and rust
  • The flue for blockages
  • The belts for cracks and wear
  • The unit’s air filter

Additional things that should be inspected for a gas or oil furnace are:

  • The thermocouple
  • The fuel lines for leaks

Other Aspects of Maintenance

Aside from inspecting and testing different components of your heating system, maintenance also cleans and lubricates areas that are dirty or sticking.  A professional can also repair any damaged parts and replace the air filter if it is necessary.  Preventative maintenance is essential for keeping your system running smoothly and efficiently for a long time.

Residents in and around the Lexington area can get quality maintenance for their furnace with Climate Control.  Call us today and set up a maintenance call with one of our NATE-certified technicians.


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