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Make Sure Your Lexington Home is Ready for Fall


Fall is a time for change! Lexington residents will begin to notice the changing of the leaves and the changing of the temperature.  You need to make sure your furnace, heat pump, or other heating system is ready for the temperature change.  Climate Control has the best heating and air experts ready to assist you with maintaining and servicing your HVAC system.  There are a few things that can assist with prolonging the life and efficiency of your unit. 

Proper Airflow of Heat

Before running your heating and cooling system, you should make sure nothing is restricting airflow.  If there is anything blocking your vents or registers, it will make your unit work harder to push air through.  This may also make your thermostat provide false readings to your system. 

Clogged filters prevent heated air from circulating evenly throughout your home. Change or clean your air filter prior to the start of heating season for best system performance.

Routine Maintenance

There are many things that can interfere with heating your home.  Scheduling routine maintenance will allow a professional to inspect your unit prior to heating your home.  Climate Control offers affordable maintenance to Lexington residents, performed by trusted and experienced HVAC technicians.  During a maintenance call, technicians inspect and service the entire heating system.  If the filters are extremely dirty or clogged, a professional can clean or change the filters during that same appointment.

Programmable Thermostat

Thermostats should be checked before switching to heat to make sure false readings aren’t given.  Investing in a programmable thermostat can also increase your heating unit’s efficiency while operating.  Have a professional take care of installation – your trusted HVAC technician can assist you with choosing the best temperature schedules for efficiency and comfort. Some thermostats can even alert you when filters need changed or when service should be scheduled.

Fall is here and Lexington homeowners need to be ready for those colder temperatures moving in.  Climate Control is ready to help you with preventative maintenance, service, and installation for all your heating and cooling needs.  Call us today and schedule service with one of our HVAC experts!


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