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Is Your Lexington Ductless Mini-Split Not Working?

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Home and business owners throughout Lexington and the surrounding communities utilize ductless mini-split heat pumps as an affordable, efficient means to providing superior indoor comfort, no matter the season. When system problems arise, many of our Lexington neighbors pick up the phone to schedule quick service with the Climate Control team – while we appreciate your confidence, a service call may be avoided by trying these ductless mini-split troubleshooting tips first!

Do your remote batteries work?

Often, ductless mini-split system users run the system via remote control, because the units themselves may be installed in a hard to reach location. Dead remote batteries could make it seem as if the unit is not working, yet the source of the problem is right in your hands. Replace the current batteries with fresh batteries and see if you can now operate the ductless unit.

Has your breaker tripped?

The breaker on your ductless mini-split unit’s circuit may have tripped, preventing power from flowing to your unit. One symptom of a tripped breaker is that the display on your ductless unit will be blank, but you should verify a tripped breaker by opening your home’s electrical panel and looking for a tripped circuit breaker. By resetting the tripped circuit breaker, you should restore power to the ductless unit; if the breaker continues to trip, you may be in need of electrical repairs!

Are you using appropriate settings?

If your system isn’t set properly, it won’t be triggered to turn on. Check your settings to see they are appropriate for the season: the unit should be set for cooling mode in the summer, and the set temperature should be a few degrees lower than the current temperature – in the winter, heating mode should be selected and the unit’s thermostat should be set a few degrees above the current temperature.

If you have tried these ductless mini-split troubleshooting tips and they have not restored your system, it’s time to call Climate Control. We will be at your service right away to fix the problems affecting your ductless mini-split unit so your comfort will be restored ASAP!

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