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Lexington Air Conditioner Repairs To Do Before Fall

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Air conditioners across the Lexington area are working overtime this summer to keep homes and businesses cool in spite of high outdoor temperatures. With cooling systems working overtime, it is a possibility that some repairs will be needed at the end of the summer season to keep these systems running smoothly, as well as to prepare them for next summer.

Below, we’ll discuss some of the common end-of-summer air conditioner repairs and why your system may need them.

AC Coil Cleaning  With a great deal of air passing over them during the heat exchange process, your evaporator coils will be exposed to large amounts of dirt, dust, and other contaminants. This debris can cling to the coils, and will prevent them from effectively and efficiently absorbing heat. Too much buildup may cause your coils to freeze over, in which case you’ll want an HVAC technician to safely unfreeze them. Even if you are spared frozen coils, we recommend you have them cleaned at the end of the season to give your system a fresh, uninhibited start come next summer.

AC Leak Detection & Refrigerant Recharge A leak in your air conditioner’s refrigerant lines may also be the cause for your coils freezing up. When there is a leak in the system, refrigerant escapes, affecting the cooling process as well as the environment. Climate Control’s technicians have the knowledge and training necessary to effectively locate and correct refrigerant leaks, and are certified to safely perform refrigerant recharging.

Replace AC Capacitors Capacitors are an important electrical system component which work to run its motors. Exposure to high heat levels can cause them to fail earlier than expected. If your air conditioner’s fan or compressor will not turn on, bad capacitors may be to blame and will require replacement for the system to operate properly.

Let the NATE-certified air conditioner repair technicians at Climate Control help you out with all your post-season air conditioner needs. Call us today to schedule service – don’t wait until next season and forget!

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