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Lexington AC Units Experience Damage from Animals

Heating & Cooling

Animals in the Lexington area can be extremely troublesome for homeowners and their air conditioning units.  They can damage your system and cost you time and money to restore your unit’s efficiency and operation.  Climate Control’s NATE-certified technicians will inspect your system and repair any animal damage found.  By utilizing these tips, you can maintain the efficiency of your system and keep it operating longer by preventing animal damage.

Finding a Home

The outdoor cabinet is a popular place for animals during the winter.  It provides shelter from the harsh weather and other predators in the area.  You may not realize an animal has taken up residence in your outdoor unit until it is time to run the air conditioner.  Animals create nests inside the unit, which can damage the components inside.  These parts can easily overheat if damaged and will become a potential fire hazard.  There are several different animals that will burrow inside your unit:

  • Raccoons
  • Snakes
  • Birds
  • Mice
  • Rats

Scheduling an annual HVAC maintenance call can save you money in the future by removing any animal debris.  During a maintenance inspection, any damaged parts will be discovered and options can be given for repairing the unit. With proper maintenance your system can be sealed to prevent any animals from getting inside your outdoor unit.

Critters, Chewing, and Death

Animals also can get into your ducts and wreak havoc throughout your entire duct system.  They leave behind feces, urine, and debris, which create odors that circulate throughout your entire home.  These odors and contaminants compromise your indoor air quality and can create serious health issues. 

Along with the odors, animals will chew holes into the metal in your ductwork.  Air escapes through these holes and cause your air conditioner to work even harder to maintain a comfortable home temperature.  With a unit working twice as hard to cool or heat your home, it uses twice the energy and increases your monthly energy bill.  An HVAC specialist can perform a routine duct cleaning to get rid of odors and find any leaks in your ductwork. 

Animals also can become trapped inside your ductwork and die, leaving behind a different odor in your system.  Dead animals leave behind any bacteria, parasites, or fleas that were part of them.  The fleas can transfer to your system and into your home quickly.  The bacteria and parasites can circulate through your home and contaminate the air you are breathing.  This can lead to extreme illness if it persists too long.  A duct cleaning will find any dead animals and remove them and their contaminants from your air conditioning ductwork. 

Don’t let animals infiltrate your Lexington air conditioning system! Call Climate Control today!  Our NATE-certified experts can easily and efficiently inspect your unit at an affordable price. 

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