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Is It The Last Winter For My Lexington Furnace?

Heating & Cooling

No heat in the dead of winter – it’s a nightmare situation that Lexington home and business owners want to avoid at all costs! A furnace that’s reached its final days can leave you without heat, and struggling to quickly decide the best replacement option for your needs. Is this winter your furnace’s last?

To avoid such a situation, we recommend you be on the lookout for signs your furnace could be nearing the end of its service life. Start learning about replacement heating solutions and schedule new installation prior to a chilling final system breakdown. The factors below are signs which we see often when a furnace is likely to break down for good.

  • A senior furnace. Most Lexington furnaces run 15 to 20 years. Combined with other indicators, a furnace’s age can be a determining factor in the decision to replace.
  • Maintenance through the years. Has your furnace undergone professional maintenance each year? Have you always changed your air filter as recommended? Well-maintained furnaces may run for longer than expected, while poorly maintained furnaces may fail sooner than the typical service life.
  • Poor heating. Furnaces tend to lose efficiency as the years go by, due to wear and tear, and other factors. A furnace which doesn’t heat the home as evenly or consistently as in the past may be nearing the end of service – replacing it may be the only option to improve heating control and comfort.
  • Higher utility bills. As furnaces lose efficiency, heating bills will increase. Have your bills been climbing each winter, despite steady utility rates?
  • Frequent repairs. Mechanical systems, like furnaces, typically break down more often in their last few years. If you’ve been calling for service and incurring frequent repair bills for your furnace this winter, it may not last you another season.

If you believe your Lexington furnace is approaching the end of its service life, or need help evaluating it, call Climate Control today. Our NATE-certified heating pros will assist you in checking out your existing furnace, and will provide you with a professional recommendation as to repair or replace it.

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