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Purchasing New Home with old Furnace – What HVAC Questions Do I Ask?

Heating & Cooling

You’re buying a new home! This is such an exciting step in your life, but it also a significant life investment. What many homebuyers don’t think of asking when buying a home is how the currently installed HVAC systems are functioning. Cooling and heating your home is crucial during every time of the year. Don’t buy a home and find out you have to replace or repair your HVAC systems. In order to prevent this from happening, here are the top three HVAC questions to ask when buying a new home in Lexington. 

HVAC Question One: How Old is the HVAC Systems?

HVAC systems all have different lifespans. It is important to see which HVAC is in the home and how old it is. Knowing the lifespan and how long ago the systems were installed can help you determine when you will have to replace them. It can also help you anticipate if you have to monitor the systems for repairs. In general, furnaces can last from 15 to 20 years and AC units can last 12 to 15 years. Many customers overlook the importance of an HVAC system when negotiating the sale of a house. Be sure to take this expensive item into account.

HVAC Question Two: What are the Monthly Costs of the HVAC Systems?

Before you buy a home, you should ask the current homeowner how much it costs to heat and cool the house throughout the year. Having a monthly breakdown is the most helpful for estimating how much you will need to pay. By knowing the costs upfront, you can better decide whether the house fits your budget. You can also get the prices of electricity, natural gas, and other heating appliances.

HVAC Question Three: What maintenance has the HVAC System had in the Past?

Lastly, it is critical to ask what maintenance the HVAC system has undergone in the past. An HVAC system will not last long if it hasn’t been properly maintained. You should see if the previous owners annually checked the furnace and AC unit. If they were neglected, you might need to invest in repairs when you buy your new home. If your HVAC system does need maintenance, companies such as Climate Control offer incredible and reliable repair and replacement services.

Do You Have More HVAC Questions or Need Repairs?

It is important to understand the cost of your HVAC unit as well as what shape it is in before you buy a new home. You need these units to effectively heat and cool your house, so you need to figure out and budget any issues as quickly as possible. If you find out that your heating and cooling systems are damaged and are in need of repairs or a replacement, companies such as Climate Control are available to help you. Certified technicians are trained to pinpoint problems with your system and provide quality repairs and answers to HVAC questions.

If you are interested in hiring a Climate Control employee to fix your Lexington HVAC system, feel free to checkout our website or contact us directly at 859-469-4182. Don’t wait to fix your HVAC unit problems!

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