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HVAC Breakdown-4 Most Common Problems

Heating & Cooling

There’s never a good time for an HVAC breakdown! But, breakdowns are more likely as the winter months drag on and your heater is pushed to keep running. Additionally, breakdowns happen as the seasons change. Spring is on the way and soon we will be turning on the AC. Here are four of the most common HVAC breakdowns that happen.

1. Dirty or Clogged Air Filters Cause HVAC Breakdown

So, we always have to start with the obvious. Dirty or clogged air filters cause all kinds of issues with your HVAC. A dirty air filter stops the airflow through your furnace. This causes your furnace to overheat and the limit switch to shut off the burners as a safety measure. The furnace will still blow unheated air as it attempts to cool itself down.

A dirty air filter is a common cause behind furnace overheating. Air can’t pass through easily when the air filter is covered with dust and debris. The furnace will overwork to deliver heat to the home, causing overheating. Always check and change your furnace filter if you experience cold air coming from your furnace.

2. Thermostat Malfunctions are Sources of HVAC Breakdown

Your thermostat regulates the timing and the amount of hot and cold air your HVAC unit should produce. A faulty thermostat can cause your systems to run on short cycles or to run nonstop.

In addition, many programmable thermostats on the market are time consuming and difficult to use. Often times, homeowners inherit their thermostat when they move into a new home or apartment. As a result, most thermostats are left in the “program” mode and adjusted manually for comfort.

The Nest learning thermostat self-programs after learning your habits during the first week of use. Nest learns your comfort patterns and comes up with a schedule based on your family’s needs. Additionally, a learning thermostat allows you to set the temperature you desire throughout the day based on whether or not you are home.

3. Leaking Refrigerant May be to Blame for HVAC Breakdown

You aren’t likely to visually spot a refrigerant leak but you may realize some other signs which could indicate one. First, your cooling system is cycling for longer periods. Second, the air from your vents feels tepid at best. Third, your energy bills have climbed without explanation. These could all be signs that a refrigerant leak is to blame.

4. Lack of Preventative Maintenance can Lead to HVAC Breakdown

The best way to prevent HVAC breakdown is to schedule preventative maintenance. An HVAC certified technician who performs seasonal maintenance will keep your system running its best. Early servicing saves time and money for customers and avoids costly repairs. Furthermore, during a seasonal servicing, your system will be thoroughly cleaned and checked for possible problems before they turn into costly repairs.

Throughout the next couple of months, if you find out that your heating system is past its lifespan, is no longer efficient, or has increased service expenses, companies such as Climate Control are available to help you. Certified technicians are trained to pinpoint problems with your system and provide quality repairs. If you are interested in hiring a Climate Control employee to repair or replace your HVAC heating system, feel free to checkout our website. Don’t wait to fix your HVAC unit problems!

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