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Going on Vacation? Reset Your Lexington Thermostat!

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Many Lexington homeowners mistakenly believe it’s a good idea to shut off their cooling system when leaving for a vacation. While doing so will prevent spending money to cool a house empty of humans, it’s not exactly the smartest solution for your home and the things you’ll be leaving behind. Instead, use smarter thermostat settings to better control your energy bills while you’re away.

If you have pets at home…

Many Lexington households include pets, and these family members sometimes stay home while the rest of the family is on a trip. If you’ll be leaving behind, cats, dogs, or other mammals, it’s unwise to turn your air conditioning off completely. To prevent the home from heating up and keep your pets safe, you can safely set your thermostat back to a temperature of 78 to 80 degrees during your trip.

If you have houseplants…

If there are plants in the home, you should set back your air conditioner, rather than turn it off entirely. Plants do well in temperatures up to 85 degrees, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

To protect your house…

If your air conditioner is completely off while your family is away, your house won’t benefit from the moisture control it provides. Humidity levels can rise inside the home, causing damage and warping to woodwork, drywall, floorboards, and wallpaper. Sensitive materials such as antique furniture, electronics, and artwork can also be compromised by long-term exposure to high moisture levels. Instead, leave your air conditioner on, but set back the temperature 10 to 15 degrees higher than your preferred settings.

Installing a Wi-Fi or smart thermostat can give you some peace of mind while you’re away, allowing remote access and control over your air conditioning system from nearly anywhere. For installation of a new smart or Wi-Fi thermostat which will help you save on cooling costs while you’re away this summer, call Climate Control of Lexington today!

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