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Common Indoor Air Quality Issues Affecting Lexington Homes in the Summer

Indoor Air Quality


How do you breathe easy in the summer in Lexington when pollutants are all around?  Poor indoor air quality will have a significant impact on your health and comfort this season.  Here are some tips to keeping the air in your home clean, even during the muggy months.

Step Up Your Cleaning

One simple way to reduce the amount of allergens and dust mites in your home is to do a few of your cleaning routines more frequently.

  • Keep pets groomed to avoid excess dander.
  • Vacuum more often to keep dust off of surfaces.
  • Avoid opening the windows when the pollen count is high.

Enhance Your HVAC System

To really counter the air quality issues in your home, take advantage of some of the innovative technologies that have been developed to keep the main enemies out.  Several options exist to take the guesswork out of being surrounded by clean air.

UV Lights

UV light technology is being used in a few different ways to ensure high air quality.  The first is near the coil of the air conditioning unit, which is almost always wet.  Keeping it dry with a UV light takes care of one of the most common areas where moisture will eventually lead to mold.

Another place for UV lights is in the ductwork of the HVAC system.  In the summer condensation can gather in those hidden spots and they can become a breeding ground for mold and other bacteria.  Using UV lights to keep the ducts dry will help prevent these.

Hospitals even use UV lights now to stop the spread of infectious diseases, as the UV rays are known to damage the physical structure of biological pollutants.  So not only will they remove problematic moisture in your home, they could actually make the air more hygienic.

Other Options

Other options for addressing the air quality in your home include filters and electrostatic precipitators.  Filters catch dust moving through the system, while electrostatic precipitators use a magnet-like process to identify and remove particles.

Contact a Professional

Contact Climate Control of Lexington today to improve your indoor air quality.  Our NATE-certified technicians will help identify the right tool to improve the air purity in your home.

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