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Boost Your Lexington Indoor Air Quality with These Steps

Indoor Air Quality


Even though the summer weather in Lexington has been beautiful this year, residents still spend an overwhelming majority of their time inside the home or at work. Inside, you’re exposed to a plethora of contaminants at far higher concentrations than outdoors – these contaminants directly impact your health, comfort, and productivity.

Lexington home and business owners have become increasingly concerned about indoor air quality for these reasons. In addition to installing professional HVAC indoor air quality solutions, here are a few steps you should be taking to eliminate contaminants and keep your home or business’s occupants safe.

Improve your cleaning routine

Avoiding cleaning your home or business not only leads to dirty spaces, but also diminishes indoor air quality. When contaminants that are tracked into interior spaces are not removed, fans and the HVAC system can pick them up off surfaces and circulate them throughout, adding contamination to your indoor air supply.

Remove these contaminants through simple regular cleaning of the surfaces in your home or place of business. Vacuum and sweep floors, wash linens and curtains, and dust surfaces frequently; using natural cleaners without harsh chemicals will prevent you from adding contaminants to the air supply while you clean.

Ventilate indoor spaces

A lack of ventilation will leave your indoor spaces full of stagnant, polluted air. While there is a lot of talk regarding outdoor air pollution, the air outside has a significantly lower concentration of contaminants; allowing fresh outdoor air to move into your interior spaces will push out contaminated indoor air, improving air quality. When outdoor weather permits, open windows and doors to naturally allow fresh air to come in.

Add and maintain carbon monoxide alarms

Carbon monoxide is a potentially deadly byproduct of improper combustion, and can infiltrate interiors where gas appliances and fireplaces are in use. Breathing minor amounts of this gas can impact your health, and larger concentrations can be deadly. To prevent carbon monoxide formation in the home, all gas appliances and chimneys should be professionally inspected each year.

Carbon monoxide has no color or odor, and cannot be detected by the naked eye. To alert occupants of carbon monoxide buildup indoors, carbon monoxide alarms should be installed on every level; test the alarms each month and replace batteries seasonally, even if they are not dead.

Are you ready to go above and beyond these steps, implementing professional-grade indoor air quality equipment to improve the air inside your Lexington home or business? If so, Climate Control will help you select the right systems to tackle your specific indoor air quality issues while providing superior installation and maintenance services; call us today to learn more.

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