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Boost Air Conditioner Performance with Ultraviolet Lights

Heating & Cooling, Indoor Air Quality


Residential and commercial air conditioners in Lexington are already pulling overtime to keep homes and businesses cool. The evaporator coil within each cooling system is hard at work, removing excess moisture from the air in order to cool it. All that moisture creates a damp environment inside the coil, which can promote mold growth.

One of the best ways to fight mold growth and the spread of contaminants is to have ultraviolet lights installed within your system’s evaporator coil. These low maintenance lights use little energy, and can be serviced annually when your air conditioner is professionally maintained for optimal performance.

Boost air conditioner performance

If mold grows on your cooling system’s evaporator coil, its function will be greatly reduced. The coil will have difficulty removing moisture from the air, which will leave you with humidity and temperature control problems indoors. In order to compensate for the restrictions posed by the mold growth, your air conditioner will work harder to produce cooling, consuming excess energy and stressing the system.

Ultraviolet lights kill existing mold and prevent it from growing inside the evaporator coil. With ultraviolet air purifiers in place, your air conditioner will perform optimally this summer.

Boost indoor air quality

If mold grows in your cooling system, spores will enter your indoor spaces as air circulates through the system; exposure to mold can negatively impact your health. Ultraviolet lights installed within the evaporator coil neutralize existing mold and prevent regrowth. These lights also kill other harmful contaminants, such as viruses and bacteria, providing you with cleaner, safer indoor air when you operate your home or business’s cooling system.

Protect your indoor air quality and boost your air conditioner’s efficiency this summer by having Climate Control install ultraviolet lights at your Lexington home or place of business. Call us today to learn more.

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