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Benefits of a Whole House Standby Generator


Power outrage is an unfortunate mishap that can happen at any time, at any place. It causes a complete blackout which adversely affects the daily work.

However, with electrical advancements in technology, there are power options that you can utilize for such occasions.

One of the ways to keep the electricity up and running is using generators. There are many types of generators available in the market such as portable generators, standby generators etc.

Following are some of the benefits of a whole house standby generator which will definitely encourage you to buy it.

Ensure Safety and Security

One of the great qualities of a whole house standby generator is that it does not leak harmful chemicals like carbon monoxide in your home which its contemporary portable generator is notoriously known for. It emits lesser fumes than a portable generator which is healthy for your environment as well as for you. Moreover, the mechanisms of a whole house standby generator are easy and safe as compared to portable generator.


Another benefit of a whole house standby generator is that it can work for hours without any pause or break. One thing that needs to be taken care of for its continuous working is that there should be an adequate gas supply. Moreover, this type of generator is wired with your already existing electrical system, which will constantly fuel the generator during the power cut. The generators can be tailored to turn on electrical appliances you want such as HVAC systems, refrigerators or air conditioners.


A whole house standby generator can be automatically started just after a few seconds of the power cut. Also, you wouldn’t have to worry how power will come back on, as the generator restores power to your home by itself. Another important quality of a standby generator is that it provides greater and higher amount of power as compared to a portable generator.


This kind of generator is rather convenient to start as compared to a portable generator. In a portable generator, the operator has to turn on gas line, add petrol, and need to pull the extension in order to turn it on. Hence, a portable generator requires a lot of energy and power. On the other hand, in a standby generator all you have to do is to turn on the power switch of the generator, and within few seconds the whole house will be lightened up.

A Source of Comfort

There is no doubt that a standby generator can be a bit steep, but it will keep you free from worrying during a power outrage. You wouldn’t have to go to great lengths in order to turn the generator on. Plus, once the electricity is back with the help of generator you can use all the vital electrical appliances effortlessly.

That’s a wrap on some of the benefits of a whole house standby generator. If you are looking to buy a good quality whole house standby generator then you can contact Climate Control 

If you are in search of a reliable service that can install and maintain HVAC systems in your home, turn to Climate Control. Get a FREE estimate of the cost by getting in touch with them by dialing 859-469-4182. They have served the Lexington area since 1968 and are known for their honest approach to their clients. The service is available 24/7 so call now.

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