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A Better Solution to Space Heaters in Lexington

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Many Lexington residents turn to space heaters when their central heating systems aren’t creating the warmth they want. Space heaters can be purchased quickly and they aren’t very expensive — but that doesn’t make them a safe or smart choice for keeping warm. Learn about the dangers space heaters pose and smarter alternatives to keep your home comfortable.

What dangers do space heaters pose?

• Space heaters are a fire hazard. According to the National Fire Protection Association, space heaters caused over 17,800 house fires in the United States, and approximately 320 associated deaths. Fires can be easily started when flammable items are placed next to space heaters, or if space heaters are knocked over into flammable objects, causing them to ignite.
• Space heaters can cause burns. Space heaters can become quite hot while they are running. If their safety controls have malfunctioned, the unit’s temperature may climb even higher, putting everyone around at risk of burns if they come in contact with the space heater. Children and pets are often the victims of space heater burns, as they are not conscious of the space heater’s extremely high surface temperatures.

Alternatives to space heaters

Climate Control can help you find a better way to heat your Lexington home or business. Smarter heating solutions include:

• Installing a new heating system or repairing an existing one. Instead of replacing expensive central heating systems or making costly repairs, many people turn to space heaters as a more affordable solution and may be unaware of the danger they are introducing to their homes. Climate Control offers a range of heating systems that can meet your heating needs at a price you can afford. Financing options are also available to help cover the cost of a new heating system.
• Installing a zoning system. Space heaters are often used to heat certain areas which the central heating system just can’t seem to keep comfortable. Installing a zoning system could solve this issue for you, working with your central heating system and eliminating the need for space heaters. Zoning systems allow you to increase heating to certain areas without impacting other rooms, so you can heat each space exactly to your liking.

Let the heating specialists at Climate Control help you find a safer and more reliable way to heat your Lexington home or business this winter. Say goodbye to space heaters and give us a call today!

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