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Benefits of Whole Home Generators for Lexington Homes and Businesses

Mar 21, 2017
Generator After Storm | Climate Control

Spring is officially here, and the storms will follow. Lightning strikes, accidents, and utility problems can leave your Lexington home or business without power, sometimes for extended periods as utility contractors work to restore service. Installing a whole home generator is your ticket to safety and security during a utility power outage.

Power starts immediately

Whole home generators are connected directly to your home or building’s electrical system. When the utility power goes out, your generator knows to fire up immediately. There’s no delay, as there is when using portable generators that must be set up. No one needs to go out into the storm or darkness to start the equipment.

Select what’s powered

With a whole home generator, your whole home can be powered, or you can select which appliances and systems you’d like to power in an outage – this can save fuel and provide power for longer. Make sure your refrigerator and deep freezer are powered to protect perishable goods and medicines, power select outlets in bedrooms or living areas which support necessary medical equipment.

Keep everyone safe

When the power goes out, the lights go, too. Flashlights aren’t always accessible, batteries only last so long, and candles can pose a major fire risk, especially in homes with young children and pets. With a whole home generator in place, power your lighting systems through an outage. You can also run security and monitoring equipment to ensure safety through the power outage.

Easy maintenance

Whole home generators are easy to maintain, requiring a yearly tune-up and check. They hold more fuel than portable models, and are installed permanently outside the home in a well-ventilated area. You need not worry about opening doors and windows to vent the home, as is a must with portable generators.

Call Climate Control today to learn more about having a whole home generator installed for your Lexington home or business. Protect your family, your belongings, and your home with backup power.

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