Lexington Air Conditioner Repair & Replacement

Lexington home and business owners heavily rely on air conditioners during the hot summer months; these systems work overtime in order to keep your indoor areas cool, comfortable, and safe.

Central air conditioners are typically installed as a split system, which means the compressor and condenser is installed outside, and is connected via refrigerant lines to an indoor air handler. To cool air, refrigerant is first condensed in the outdoor unit. It then is moved through the lines to the evaporator coils housed in your system’s air handler. Air then flows over these coils where it is cooled, and finally, it is circulated into the home via the air handler.

Air Conditioner Repair in Lexington, KY

When air conditioners fail, it’s a huge inconvenience. No one wants to be left without air conditioning when outdoor temperatures are high, which is why Climate Control is available 24/7 to provide emergency Lexington air conditioning repairs. Our NATE-certified air conditioning repair specialists are happy to assist you any time of day by performing a complete diagnosis of your cooling system paired with quality repairs.

When you first notice air conditioner problems is when you should call for repair; putting off service could cause additional damage to your cooling system. This could lead to more expensive and complicated repairs, or damage your system beyond fixing.

Air Conditioner Replacement in Lexington, KY

When it’s time to replace your Lexington air conditioner, give Climate Control a call! We can help you choose a new cooling system that offers maximum efficiency and excellent performance. Upgrading to a new air conditioner could significantly cut your cooling costs, as older models were less efficient from the start; plus, they lose efficiency season after season!

Our NATE-certified air conditioner installation team will perform a professional installation of your new cooling system. Quality installation is important as it protects your investment, eliminating errors that could affect the system’s performance and even cause damage.