At Climate Control we are a group of experts here to help with any HVAC problems you may have. Today we are going to talk about how to landscape and lawn care in Lexington, KY around your unit. Although this may seem cosmetic, in the long run, it can greatly help the longevity of your air conditioner and keep your filters cleaner. So, here are some great HVAC landscaping tips.

Condenser Clearance

Two to three feet of clearance will allow your unit to maintain efficiency. When bushes and other things block your unit, this decreases its efficiency which in turn increases your utility bill. By making sure there is a cleared space surrounding your unit you can ensure that there will be an increase to your machine’s longevity.

Picking the Right Plants

One tip we recommend is using Evergreen trees around your HVAC unit when landscaping. Not only will they provide some additional shade year-round to your micro-climate, but they also will never lose their leaves. This means that there won’t be leaves blocking or clogging your HVAC unit. Having these trees planted and windbreaking your unit can help your HVAC to be protected from weather and debris.


Fencing is also another great additional landscaping aspect that will provide your HVAC additional protection from debris and weather. Having a fence 2-3 feet from your unit can help to block out rocks, dirt, debris, and other materials that may be blown at it during storms or from mowers. We recommend using lattice fencing or a screen. Be sure there is still easy access for technicians to perform HVAC repairs and maintenance.

Gravel HVAC Landscaping Tips

Often when we mention debris, we are referencing dirt, dust, sand, leaves, etc. By landscaping the areas surrounding your unit with gravel and rocks, this will prevent debris affect your unit. If you landscape with mulch or sand, this will be blown right into your unit during a storm or windy day. Using rocks is a great route to take when trying to minimize the amount of debris.

Taking our HVAC landscaping tips and applying them to your own HVAC unit can provide your unit with a new look and increased longevity. Your unit will look terrific in no time while expanding its lifespan. Here at Climate Control we always ensure our customers are taken care of when it comes to their HVAC needs. Our work for our customers reflects our professional reputation. Our team of experts is ready to help you with all your HVAC needs, repairs, and maintenance. Call Climate Control today!