As spring comes to an end, we start to embrace the new season of summer. The hot summer months are approaching fast which means it is time to check on your thermostat and air conditioner too. Make sure your space is ready for climate change. As Cincinnati’s temperature continues to rise it can cause strain to your AC System. This is the last thing we want to start out our summer. Making sure your air conditioner is ready for summer can cause great indoor comfort and fewer breakdowns. Below are three tips to make sure you are ready for the hot months ahead with great AC maintenance.

Prep your AC unit with Summer AC Maintenance

The first step to prepare your AC unit for the summer is to see how your individual space is affected by your unit. Here at Climate Control, we want to make sure you are getting the most out of your system. By starting with an inspection and AC maintenance we can figure out where to go from there. It is definitely not cheap to purchase and install an air conditioner so it’s best to make sure it lasts. Set up an appointment with us and we can give you the insight you need to make your AC unit last even longer.

Keep on Top of Updates & AC Maintenance

A big tip to make sure your AC system is ready for the hot summer is to make sure a fresh, clean air filter is installed. This minor AC maintenance can fix the way your system works immensely. Although it might be fairly easy to see when a filter needs to be changed you never want it to get too dirty because that can be harmful to your AC unit. Make sure you are also switching these out frequently because in these hot temperatures the AC is on constantly.

Take a look at your Furnace

When getting ready for summer take a closer look at your furnace. Most furnaces last between 15 and 20 years. If your furnace is getting close to these ages, summer is a great time to consider re-installation or repair and Climate Control is here to help. We know this process is not cheap and repair costs can add up quite fast but by checking on your old furnace you can actually save you money.

Contact Climate Control today for your AC maintenance check-up!