When you think of investing your home, you typically think about expanding rooms, redoing floors, replacing the roof, etc. However, we now live in the digital age. Investing in your home can now reach an entirely new level. There are countless products that are available to upgrade your home in a digital way. Security systems, smoke detectors, and even thermostats can easily be hooked up to your phone and send you alerts wherever you are in the world. One new and incredible technology is the Nest Hello Video Doorbell. Why would you want a doorbell that can record videos? The following is all the reasons you should install one in your home today:

One: Advanced Security

We unfortunately live in a world where we never know who may be knocking on the door to our home. Installing the Nest Hello Video Doorbell lets you know who is there at all times. This doorbell delivers HD video and produces crisp images. It even has the ability to take clear videos and photos during the nighttime. The doorbell is designed to show you everything at your doorstep.

One of the main advanced safety benefits is the doorbell’s 24/7 streaming. It also provides a 3-hour snapshot history, so if something happens while you are at work or running to the store, you can go back and have video evidence and footage. Lastly, it has a 160-degree field of viewing, which means it can see and record everything around your porch, not just right in front of your door.

Two: Customizable

The Nest Hello Video Doorbell not only provides enhanced security, but it also is customizable. This is extremely helpful for when you have friends and family coming over. The doorbell can send you special alerts when the people that you love arrive at your home. This also means that the doorbell can recognize strangers and send you warning alerts straight to your phone, thus making it an even better security feature to add to your home.

Finally, you are able to program the doorbell to say hello to visitors when you aren’t able to talk right at that moment. You can record messages that will greet anyone on your porch. (This will also freak out any strangers and scare away any people potentially trying to break-in.) The Nest Hello Video Doorbell is the perfect customizable doorbell that will protect your home at all times.

Are You Ready to Invest in a Nest Hello Video Doorbell?

If you are ready to invest in an easy-to-use system that will protect your home and your family every single day and night throughout the year, companies such as Climate Control offer reliable products and are available to help you. Certified technicians are trained to provide professional and excellent service when installing a Nest Hello Video Doorbell into your home.

If you are interested in hiring a Climate Control employee to install any Nest products, feel free to checkout our website or contact us directly at 859-469-4182. Don’t wait to protect the front door to your home and loved ones!