It’s cold outside Lexington! And March is looking even colder. So, have you noticed your thermostat quickly dipping below the desired temperature? Believe it or not, cold air blowing from your furnace is one of the most common calls we get in the winter. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with these HVAC repair tips. Here are four reasons why you could be feeling cold air coming from your furnace.

HVAC Repair Tip One: Check Your Filter

First, check your air filter. Your furnace filter could cause overheating. The limit switch will shut off the burners as a safety measure if your furnace overheats. After, your furnace will continue to blow unheated air. This is an attempt to cool itself down.

So What Causes this?

Usually, a dirty air filter is to blame. Air can’t pass through the filter when it is clogged with dust and debris. Your furnace overworks to get heat throughout your home. As a result, your furnace overheats.

Above all, always check and change your air filter if you feel cold air coming through your furnace.

HVAC Repair Tip Two: Check Your Pilot Light

Your furnace may have a pilot light if it is older. The pilot light fires up the systems burners. You may be able to relight this yourself if you feel comfortable. Additionally, the thermocouple controlling ignition and gas valve may be dirty or need to be replaced.

Climate Control has certified technicians ready to help with any of your HVAC needs. Furthermore, we have been trusted by our Lexington customers for decades and we can walk you through any of your questions or concerns.

HVAC Repair Tip Three: Check Your Condensate Lines

Newer high-efficiency model furnaces have a condensate drain line. This line allows moisture to escape. Safety mechanisms prevent the systems burners from igniting when the line is clogged. Therefore, your system won’t produce heat.

HVAC Repair Tip Four: You May Have Gas Issues

In addition, your furnace won’t create heat if there is no gas to burn. Make sure the gas valve has not been turned off. Gas is prevented from flowing if there is a clog or damage to the line. Also, check your propane tank if your home is heated by propane. Have your tank re-filled if it’s empty.

HVAC Repair Tip Five: Check Your Ductwork

Lastly, duct leaks let cold air into the system and let warm air escape. Disconnected sections of ductwork, holes or gaps make your home feel like cold air is pouring in. You can check your own ductwork, but it’s best to have a certified technician check the entire system if you are still feeling cold air through your heater.  


Contact Climate Control to have a NATE certified technician diagnose your furnace problems. Our team is available day and night and will repair the problem causing your furnace to blow cold air.